Biola University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Biola Univeristy is a place where you feel accepted. One thing that is very important to the students and the school in general is community. When you step onto the campus of Biola University you feel like everyone is concerned with how you are feeling and how your day or week has been. You can feel the aspect of family here. You do have to work hard, but that's only because the professors at Biola are shaping students to be top-notch professionals.


An oasis of shady trees and beautiful water features, Biola is a highly-rated 4 year university that allows students to learn, grow, and apply everything with a biblical and Christ-centered filter.


Biola is comprised of a vibrant, welcoming, unified community that is determined to refine themselves and reach others around them


Biola is a place where you can grow spiritually while pursuing academic and professional goals within a community of supporters.


Biola University is an amazing school filled with challenges to help us grow, and love that we can all spread for the glory of God.


It is a campus devoted to educate their students to be leaders with biblical principles, surrounded by friendly faculty/ Staff, supportive community and rigorous academics.


Tight, supportive, loving community of great thinkers, innovative artists, and idealistic world-changers.


Biola is loving and passionate.


Biola University isa private christian university that prepares students share Christ in the professional careers.


Biola University is a place to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and share it with others.


Biola University is a radically different and unique university that allows its students to not only earn a degree, but also deepen their faith.


Community in a Christ centered education.


Biola rocks because it's diversity and love through its community to show its love for jesus christ and others.


This school is amazing and a blessing to be able to attend.


God-centered, eduacationally stretching.


I like this question a lot because some reason, at Biola, all of the colors, whether it is on the buildings or the plants, look enhanced. I think it's amazing that the school still looks nice on a rainy day. Depending on which entrance you take, the Biola Ave or University Dr., You will see either a bell tower that says Biola University, or a board that says it. The University Dr. entrance allows you to get a preview of the on campus (they're off campus but, not really) apartments, some dorms, the field and Crowell Hall (The Music Building). The Biola Ave entrance allows you to see the Business building, a few classrooms and the Talbot School of Theology building as well as a few theaters. There is a Gym not to far from the University Dr. entrance and by the gym, there are food places (Eagle's Nest and Common Ground), The Biola Bookstore, The Student Union Building, The Mailbox Lawn, and the outdoor fireplace. Then across from those things are the Caf and Bardwell Hall which is the Science Building. On the right side of the Gym, there are parking structures and across from the five story parking structure, there is a Baseball field and dorms. If you go up the hill, there are classrooms. Behind Commons and Eagles, there is Floor Fountain and diagonal from that stands the famous Jesus Mural. Parking Lots are all around the campus, mainly on the exterior part. I would strongly advise you to take a tour so this would all make a bit more sense.


I would describe Biola as the best of both worlds. Although it is located in the small, quiet city of La Mirada, it is surrounded by the beach and larger cities that are fun to visit. The campus itself is beautiful, with new buildings or additions happening often. Biola is a fairly small campus compared to most universities, but I have never felt crowded or claustrophobic. It is spread out nicely, but there is never more than a 5 or 10 minute walk to any class. The classrooms are very nice, and the dorms (especially the newer buildings) are some of the best I've ever toured. The overall layout of Biola's campus encourages community, which adds to a wonderful feeling on campus. In short, Biola's campus feels like home in a matter of days.

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A biblically and Christ-centerd community.


Biola University is a place to discovery who you are through the pursuit of knowledge, community, and leadership.


Biola is a place of love, a place where students and professors both care for each other and meet each other even outside of the classroom, a place where race is disregarded and everyone is accepted as they are, a place where people are encourged to not only thrive as academically astute and successful students but also are taught to be humans who love God and one another, a place where people take time to invest in one another's lives, a place where God is placed first rather than studies or even personal success, a place similar to heaven.


Biola is a small, Christian Liberal Arts university that emphasizes a community of students and faculty alike who reflect the heart of God and demonstrate his love to all whom they encounter in and throughout each campus activity, in each class, throughout each dorm and in all that they do, as they hope to train up men and women to be full-time followers of Jesus in every vocation and major they choose.


Biola University is a place where students attend to further their education in the field of their choice as well as gaining a deeper and spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that is set in a beautiful and bustling California city where the sun is always (mostly) shining.


This university is perfect for someone looking for a great education and a great community centered on Christ.


My school is a nurturing community of like-minded people, students and professors alike, who help each other grow to the highest level academically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Biola is a training ground where a person learns how to use his or her career to influence others for the better; Biola teaches students how to unite the sometimes abstract concepts of academia with the practical knowledge and experience of caring for their fellow human beings as creatures beloved of God.


Biola is an academic Chirstian community in the suburban Los Angles area.


A very close and real Christian community where one can grow physically, academically, and spiritually


Biola University is a welcoming community where students focus on acemics taught by amazing professors, learn what they need to enter their career, further their relationship with the Lord, and make friends they will have for a lifetime.


A very wide campus with much to offer. A variety of sports, many majors with highly qualified teachers and staff. From faculty to staff everyone respects one another and cares for the students.


Biola is an amazing school filled with God serving, wonderful proffesors, students and faculty all commited o serving God while getting a higher learning.


BIola is a biblically rooted University that sets its goal in educating students, in a Christian environment, to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually not only in secular vocations, but in addition to the knowledge of the Word of God in order to successfully fulfill the Great Commission of sharing the Word of God throughout the whole world within their specific vocation they choose; there is nothing that fulfills a greater joy than in sharing about Jesus' love to anyone who is willing to listen because Jesus is the secret to living the best life and not living a wasted one.


Biola is a community where student's growth in there realtionships with each other is as important as there academic growth.


A community of Christian students interested in the expanding Christ's kingdom on Earth by loving others.


Biola University is an unbelievable chance to learn about faith, academics, and who I am as an individual; the school is amazing because the staff and falculty actually care about students, the students repect each other (no reports of burgularies or assaults in 2008-2009), it's close to Disneyland and the beach, and everyone is a driven, unique individual; Biola University has already changed my life!


The President of my University brings his family to the sports events, and eats in the cafeteria. Every Thanksgiving, he and his wife cut the turkey in the cafeteria. When I first visited, I came by myself and didn?t have anyone to eat with. Embarrassed and ashamed I clunked my feet to the nearest empty table. From a distance peers where watching me, and broke their hearts to see that I was eating alone. There isn?t one word, but many that best describes my University. Truly genuine people, accepting, loyal, and as tight knit can be.


Biola University is a great school that equips students with the knowledge to impact the world for Jesus Christ.


Biola University is an evangelical Christian university with a broad range of academic programs (specializing in psychology, philosophy, anthropology/intercultural studies, and biblical studies), an intelligent, committed faculty, and a world-class great books program (the Torrey Honors Institute).


A private liberal arts school that gives the students the opportunity to earn a bible minor by taking a variety of 30 units in amazing classes taught by the most qualified professors while building relationships in a community minded atmosphere that will last a lifetime.


This has been the school i have dreamed to be at.


Privet Christian Universtiy with a great admisphere on and off campus.


It is spiritually and academically nurturing and beautiful


A Christ-centered institution that greatly values academics.


A great environment for Christians to grow in their faith and in their respective field.


Biola University is a great Christian campus with great faculty, awesome classes, and a great environment.


fun, happy, exciting, new, work, knowledge


Biola University is a school pushing young adults to reach out for their goals, no matter how big or small, and to take their lives and passions seriously. The faculty is always available to share their wisdom and the community of student body supports one another in their pursuits.


Community oriented, spritually directing enviornment that allows for an excellent opportunity to learn and grow.


Although sometimes it feels like living in an unrealistic bubble, Biola University is strongly academic, service- and outreach-oriented, encouraging of relationships that last for life, and an all-around fun place to be.


Biola has a fast-paced, yet appropriately relaxed, pursuit of knowledge and truth and challenges students to be lifelong learners and scholars in and out of the classroom.


Good education with moral values and inciteful and stimulating learning environments