Biola University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Each dorm has a different personality and a different feel; all good, for the most part. You have the all-girls dorm, the all-boys dorm, the crazy, Scottish-themed dorm, the small, tight-knit dorm, the large, hotel-looking dorm, the newest and highly sought after dorm among the incoming students, and the nerdy, yet secretly cool dorm. All of the dorms have comfortable rooms. If you're in a dorm with community bathrooms, you'll have to get used to sharing the environment with a lot of other people, but you'll always have your privacy when you need it! If your dorm is suite style, you can decorate your bathroom a bit! Unfortunately, you have to clean it yourself most of the time. The common areas are also quite cozy in all the dorms.


The dorm life at Biola is very interesting and unique to the Christian culture of the college. There are different interesting activites that take place for each dorm that involve the students in social situations. Space is comfortable, and the maintenance is always taken care of.


The dorms are great. Each one is unique. There are seven dorms on campus,split into upper and lower campus, three on campus apartments and off campus apartments owned by Biola University. The dorms are named Sigma Chi( Co-Ed), Alpha Chi (All Girls), Emerson (All Boys), Horton (Co-Ed), Hope (Co-Ed), Stewart (Co-Ed), Hart (Co-Ed). I cannot say much about all of the dorms because I have only lived in two. My first year, I stayed in Alpha Chi and my floor had an amazing community. The rooms are huge and it is one of the older dorms. This year I am in Horton, the newest dorm, my room is pretty big and the community on the floor is great. It has a more modern look. All of the other dorms have great community, especially Stewart and Hart from what I have witnessed and heard.


The dorm I live in, Horton, is great! It is the newest dorm, and they call us the "Horton Hotel." I was very lucky to get put in this dorm, because its facilities are extremely nice. On my floor, there are around fifty girls that live in two or three person rooms. The size of my room is 16' x 18' and I live with two other girls, but it is still very spacious. We each were provided with an armoire, desk, bookshelf, three drawers, and regular-sized twin bed (which is extremely comfortable). The other dorms are quite nice as well, but I am biased toward Horton!