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Describe a typical weekend.

This semester, weekends for me were very slow. They include hanging around in the dorm room and socializing with other people on my floor or dorm. But basically I spend a lot of my time doing homework to get caught up or catching up on much needed sleep whenever I get a break.

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It depends. If you have a car, hit the beach and study or do homework there or go to the mall. We aren't to far from the Brea or Cerritos Mall. If you don't have a car and are on campus for the weekend, have a homework party or make videos with your friends and take wacky pictures. There's much to do whether you are mobile or not. There is a dollar theater not to far so maybe you could go there. If you are licensed and without a car, we have rental cars on campus. If you are like me and are close enough to where you can go home often, do that as well.

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