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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Nikki, your life is going to radically change when you make that transition to being a college student. Embrace the change! Instead of clinging to the past, remember it fondly and move on to what your new life will offer. Express your gratitude to everyone who made you who you are today and helped you with all of your accomplishments. Accept that transititons take time and that everything is not going to fall into place right away. Welcome the feelings of discomfort, insecurity, nervousness. Be thankful for the humility that comes with being a freshman again and realize that things get easier as you get used to things. Let go and do everything with purpose, not with perfection. Take advantage of all the new people you meet. Be kind. Live each day with intention and put down your to-do lists often. Remember that people are more important than any deadline or project. Be thankful and never feel entitled to anything. Love your college years with all of the good things and bad things that come with it. Take risks! See every experience as a learning experience. Follow God's will and put Him first. Be YOU!


Do not take a break from school. Going to junior college was a good idea but taking a break to "earn money" was a poor plan. Going to school in your 20's is a privlege and you need to take advantage of the resources that are available to you. You are an "A" student, that's a great accomplishment, now use your grade point average to get you into a four year school. Enjoy school, don't think of it as a burden that is just in your way to being on your own. Being on your own is highly over rated and you'll get there soon enough. Work will be there the rest of your life but getting your education early is not always an option. Listen to your parents and older brother and sister. Look at schools out of state so you can really grow and mature. Always remember you are smart, never forget that!


Do not be afraid to take a risk. It took me longer than some students to get where I am today, and it was because I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone and take a risk. I wasn't willing to admit to myself what my true passion was, and instead I did things to please my parents. I was afraid to not only disappoint them but also to disappoint myself. Throw caution to the wind, and don't be afraid to take that step towards your future.


College really isn't as difficult as you think. Remember in Middle School when the teachers would tell you that you are going to have lots of homework and write long papers? When you became a Freshman, you realized that it wasn't as hard as you thought it would be. College is the same. Yes you will have more homework and write more papers, but you've been prepared. Giant classes with cumulative finals and long papers might not even apply to your school. Just as your freshman year of high school was a transition, so will your freshman year in college be. It will be difficult and you will be pushed, but it will be good and you can handle it. This is the time for you to grow and step out of your comfor zone. College will be fun and it will be a lot of work but it's only four years so don't take it for granted. Get good grades, get involved, meet new people and have fun!


LIfe is hard. No one really tells you this until you get out of high school only to discover that there is a big scary world out there. Sometimes it's lonely and sometimes it's empty, but one thing it's never is dull. There are times when you are going to feel like giving up. There are times where you are going to feel overwhelemed. There are times where you will feel like the world around you is caving in. Don't lose heart. Work hard, and study harder. College is a fun and exciting experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Don't worry too much about the fashion trends, your friends, or the "cool factor" right now in high school. In college, none of that matters. College is where you will make a name for yourself, and learn the valuable things in life that will help you to succeed. Take your educational experience at college serious. Read the books that you are asked to read! Study when you are asked to study! Finally, allow yourself the pleasure of soaking in the wisdom of your professors. You won't regret it.


I have came back in time to let you know there is no way to go back in time. You now have the opportunity to goto college, work hard, and be more sucessful than anyone else or you can do what I did and work on your social skills. There is a reason I have come back to tell you this, I want you to realize the time for fun is once you have a family to enjoy your time with. The memories of college parties will not last in comparisson to the memory of the hard work you will put in to acheive all your goals. I have learned about the man you will become and I want to tell you, you can be the next Sam Walton or Frank Lloyd Wright. In order to do this you must put an equal amount of effort into the work itself as you do the dreams. I hope you make the right decision this time around and I wont even be upset when I vanish due to your much better choices.


Stay in school


If i could go back when i was a high school senior I would tell myself different things to help give me advice now. For one I would have tried taking summer school at a community college to start getting my GED's over with. I would have also explored more schools. Even though I am love with the school I go to now, i wish i would have explored more. I also might have worked harder to play ball in college, but i decided to only focus on school. Find more ways and scholarships to help me out with school now. Also get more involved to meet more people.


If I could go back in time and tell myself everything I know now it would be not to give up! Push through and it will definetly be worth it. School is hard and can be stressful but in the end it will truly pay off. Being in College is exciting and wonderful all at once. You learn so much that you will definelty use and remember for the rest of your life. Nothing is impossible and there is no such thing as "I can't" Yes you can! The process of finding funds and grants needed for you to go to a great school is more then possible and is very realistic. Once you know the way its a breeze afterwards. Don't give up even when you feel it's to much to handle, because in the end you wont regret it.


If I could go back in time to my high school senior year, I think I would have told myself to take more AP classes. I love Biola and I love the people here, however due to the high price of tuition having the option to possibly graduate a semester early would have been great.


If I were to go back and give myself advice as a high school senior I would focus the advice on three areas: academics, campus involvement, and meaningful relationships First, I would tell myself to continue working diligently and conscientiously on my academics as I have in the past. After all, that is the reason I am attending college, isn't it? Next, I would encourage myself to become involved with on-campus activities and student leadership positions such as new-student orientation programs and Residence Life Staff (RA). I would tell myself: "You are only in college once in your life, Bre. Do everything you desire that you won't be able to do once you're graduated." Lastly, I would remind myself that, while there are responsibilities that must be accomplished in priority to some things, at the end of the day your most vibrant memories come from the relationships you form. Take time to make friends that will last for life, gain wisdom and insight from your RA's and Resident Directors, and ask professors to chat over some coffee so that you can soak in the knowledge and life experience they have to offer.


I would advise myself to get a job and start saving for college. It's EXTREMELY exoensive and time consuming. I've almost had to drop out a few times because of finances and it would be alot less dtressful if i didnt have to worry about it.


I would say to myself: "Camila, college is amazing! But you should get an early start on your Financial Aid applications to save you a couple of tears. Do all you can to save for school and get financial matters out of the way, otherwise you will undergo great struggle. Also, please try your best in the years you have left in High School. All you learn in high school will help you succeed in college, it will make your life so much easier. Another important thing to remember is to get involve, meet people and develop communication skills that will tremendously help you in college. Please don't forget to take care of your financial aid, it is extremely important that you ask for help before starting college. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help when you don't understand something; don't be shy, shyness gets you nowhere. If you keep trying and never give up, you will reach all that your heart desires! A great life awaits you, so don't waste time, and take advantage of every second!"


Dear Haley, it will be well worth it to go to your dream school even though it is out of state. Even though you're moving away from your family and high school friends you are going to have an awesome community that will help you transition into college life. Don't waste any time feeling anxious and worrying about fitting in or finding the right group of friends when you go off to school. Everything will fall into place. Remember that every other freshman is feeling just as nervous and awkward as you are. When you start school jump into the social life! Take advantage of dorm life and campus events and clubs! You are going to make some of your best friends at these places. You are going to need to work really hard to get good grades in your college classes, but don't get your head stuck in a book all semester. Try to balance taking advantage of social opportunities and hitting the library. College isn't as scary as it sounds. Embrace every opportunity to try new things, study hard, make an effort to get to know people on a deeper level, and have fun!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there is a lot I would like to say. Knowing what I know now about college, tuition and moving for my education I would tell myself to hold my breath, and jump in. College isn't just furthering my education, its full of life experiences like studying aboard and seeing new place, meeting new people I would have never known otherwise and truly finding out who I am and who I want to be. Although I would love to give my younger self more advice, this would be the most important. Making the leap of faith and attending the college I want my business degree to be from right from the start is what I believe would be the best advice I could give myself at eighteen.


I would give myself advice on doing what I want to do. Not doing it because someone else tells me I should go into a certian field. I would tell myself to go to beauty school. Don't go to medical school if you don't think it's for you, follow your dreams but make goals. Do what makes you happy not others. This is your life and be careful for what you choose. You can be stuck in debt if you don't finish a class, you will have to pay financial aid back. Ask about the campus and how much tution will be before jumping into somthing your not sure you will do. Get information and think about it, it'll always be there. And be smart about your choices!


College is definitely the experience of a lifetime. All the seemingly pointless classes you suffer through in grade school are only the beginning of a scholastic life-changing journey. You will find yourself growing socially and mentally on an exponential scale. You will begin to see the world through the eyes of a true adult and treasure every ounce of free time you can salvage. You will slowly begin to understand the importance of knowledge and responsibility. With that in mind, I urge you to work hard and enjoy the times you can be around your family because college is the first step towards adulthood. Be ready to engage in a community of young adults that are going through the same things as you. You must be open to change and let yourself mature, don't be afraid to step out of character and try things you wouldn't have tried before. College is just as much about discovering who you are as it is about paving the way towards your future career. Don't hold yourself back, dive in and enjoy the swim.


Stop focusing so much on your acedemics! You are already a good student, you are disciplined and get your work done. When it comes to relationships and people though, you are sorely lacking. Life is about building strong relationship bonds and if you don't start earlier than it will get harder in the future. College isn't all about the acedemics, and like I said you've got that part down. You must interact with so many different personality types. You will be living in a dorm and sharing the room with people who are different than you. If you don't know how to deal with conflicts now, it will become a mess later. So slow down, get to know people, and make yourself known. Socializing with people is not a waste of time, it is just something that must be balanced. You will benifit greatly if you take time out of your day to get to know others.


Riley, you're almost there and the anticipation is super exciting, but I want you to know that college is going to beat you over the head unless you decide beforehand how you will manage your time socially and academically. Sometimes you will find your crazy friends more fun to hang out with than that mundane assignment due the next day. It's okay to say "no" to fun on occassion when your grades depend on it. Other times you'll want to lock yourself up in the library/dungeon like a hermit and refuse to come out until the work is done. Don't do that. Your crazy friends will wonder if you've died and spend all their study time looking for you. Then they'll flunk out and you'll have to make all new friends. I suggest you wake up early, before noon like all your crazy friends do, and plan out your entire day: classes, assignments, hanging out, and the amount of time each might take. Your planner will become your brain, so don't forget it or chaos will ensue. Remember, time is like a wild stallion. Harness it and life will be beautiful.


I know how hard it is to get through all these applications, and forms, and the countless hours you're spending between scholorships and whatnot. But trust me buddy, it's worth it all. You're going to go to a great school and every bit of sweat spent now is worth it. Keep your head up, august comes faster than you think. The transition is easy too, rely on God to get you through. You've got some pretty cool roomates, and you're on a great floor. Your dorm is spectacular, it's exactly what you were hoping for. Relax, you worry about what everything will be like, but as long as you're in the hands of God, then what can hurt you? As long as God is on your side, what have you got to fear? Enjoy Biola, and keep working hard to get through those scholorships and applications. I know it feels like their's way too many of then, and their is a lot, but it's allw orth it. I promise. P.S. invest in In-n-Out gift cards, because you're gonna crave it AT LEAST once a week.


I would have only completed one year of LPN Class and went on for my RN. I live in New York, and there are always adds for Nurses. But by Nurses they mean RNs, not LPNs. I completed my LPN, and sat for my state boards. I passed them the first time and then spent almost six months looking for a job! No one wants to hire an unexperienced LPN, it's a liability. It seems that in New York State, LPNs are being phased out. We can only get jobs in Nursing homes, jails, and some doctors offices. Home health offices and hospitals are no longer hiring. I don't regret the experienced I have gained as an LPN, I have worked as a charge nurse on an Alzheimers unit. And I now work in a Correctional Facility.


When I first started college I was worried about what major I should choose. I did not know for sure which one would be best choice. After weeks of worrying about it, I was finally told that it is rare for a freshman to know what their major should be and most change it at least once before they graduate. Had I known this before I started school it would have saved me from worrying too much. At first, the large numbers of students on campus overwhelmed me. Had I gotten into a club or student association, I wouldn't have been overwhelmed. Through the club I was able to see the same people again and again and school did not seem so big. When I was thinking about college, I did not know if I should live in the dorm or at home. I decided to live in the dorm and that was the best decision. Living in the dorm connects me to campus and helps me to meet new people and make new friends. If I could go back, I would tell myself that I had made the right decision, living on campus was the best.


I would tell myself to choose a college that I would love going to and that I would be able to make great friends that I would be able to be friends with for the rest of my life. Never go to a school that you will not like just because it is cheap or for some other reason like that. If you go to a school you love, it will change your whole life for the better.


1. Don't Be Afraid to Talk to People. The Majority of Biola's student body are very nice. 2. Never use a tray in the caf. 3. Go to all of your chapels. 4. Finish your homework. 5. Get all of your campus credit. 6. Get involved. Sure you're paying to learn but, that doesn't have to be the only experience you graduate with. 7. Make friends and keep making friends. These people may be your key to networking when you graduate.

Cami n

I would tell myself to take more GE classes while at the junior college, and to apply for as many scholarships as possible throughout my years at Biola.


Now that I have made the transition to college life, I would have given myself advice as a high school senior. My advice would be to expect more work and more importantly, to maintain good planning study schedules. In college, these are important because the professors are not having charge over their students' work, instead it is up to the student. In high school, the teachers appoint deadlines and in many cases, continue to remind their students. It is important that I advise myself to be dependent on myself to learn. Although my professors care for my studies and teaching me skills for my career, it is up to me to apply those studies and to maintain a schedule so that I do not fall behind. I am constantly reminding my eight siblings and other young adults of the importance of planning and depending on yourself for studying so that they don't make that mistake.


Wini, I know you have a plan for college and I know you think that what you are doing is smart, but please listen to me. Jump right into your scholarship search; ignore what your councelor told you he is wrong. Scholarships are the single most important first step to going to college. Getting overwhelmed by all of the student loans debt is gonna suck, trust me I waited to long and now look at me. Definitely take that year break after high school to save for college, to enjoy being school free, to explore yourself, to stop and think about what you really want to do. College will be an adventure make sure to grab it by the horns and embrace the butterflies and the nervousness. Now you have to be more responsible and procrastinating will only hurt you in college be careful and be proactive I know you can do it I have seen it. I believe that whatever happens you will succeed. Have fun it makes things less stressful. Good luck


I would advise myself to be prepared mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the road that's ahead. Be organized in every aspect of my life, but with the flexibility needed when circumstances come. I would advise myself to be open to the wonderful friendships that can occur in college and how to balance those friendships with the academic responsiblities that I would have. Be more God-focused in every area of my life and understand that I am not just pursuing an education for my own benefit, but I am pursuing an education so that I may glorify Jesus Christ in my vocational pursuits.


Trust God with all your heart, He will always be your failsafe. Be nice to everybody and lend a hand when possible, you have no idea what battle people are fighting. Sit at the front of every class and its not worth skipping, that extra game can wait. Plan time for friends, and plan time for books. Whenever in a circle of people you do not know, introduce yourself if no one has already. Kill two birds with one stone, lunch with people are good times to socialize and eat. Its a fresh start to life and do not let anyone rain on your parade. NO GIRLS. At least till after a year. Office Hours are for your benefit and no professor was forced to be one, they want to talk to you. If your borrowing money, your borrowing time. Seek all available free sources and use them. Rest is awesome. Friends will come, so be transparent. Have a high standard and keep it. Respect is so powerful. Your a freshman, doesnt mean anything to anyone but the registrar. Harness initative and passion, channel it as best as possible. No one is going to pay your bills afterward. Only you.


Do not attempt to study around your friends if you are a chatty person: you will end up wasting hours of time where you could've reviewed a lot. Keep your door open a certain amount of hours each day, because it invites people to come in and chat with you. Try and do your laundry on the weekdays, because otherwise you will have to wait until twelve in the morning to wash your clothes. Be open to making new aquaintances: it's much better to hang out with varying groups of people during the week than the same posse everyday. Call your parents at least once a week: they're going to miss you a lot and it's important that you keep in touch with your family. Never subscribe to an indifferent attitude regarding schoolwork: do every assignment you're given, and if you can't turn something in, talk to your professor about it. Remember that you've come to college to get an education, not to get a degree in Binge Drinking 101.


If I could go back to my high school self and give one point of advice, I would tell myself not to worry so much about the trivial things in life. When one is young, they are so focused on their small world, not realizing that there is so much out there for them to attain. College life holds so much potential for students, with education and friends and employment, that the worries of high school, such as friends and school, are miniscule in comparison. There is no point in sadness or disappointment in high school because the joy and happiness to be discovered in college is so much greater than any pain in high school. I would give this same advice to all other high school students out there as well as my self because I know that I was not the only one who went through it. Many students can only see what surrounds them during those four short years without being able to envision what lies ahead. I would love to be able to convey to them that in college their lives will change drastically for the better if they are willing to go for their goals.


There are two words I would say to myself if I could go back to my high school senior year: stop worrying. So much pressure and stress is put on students in that time of life that once in a while they need to hear a voice of wisdom. The point of college is to change you as a person, and to prepare you for whatever future lies ahead. With that in mind, look at college as an adventure. It is not something that should be dissected into minute details that will take a persons eyes off the big picture experience. Stop worrying about the little things and keep your eyes on the prize. At the end of the day the goal is to be a different and better person than when you woke up, and college gives you that opportunity. Don't waste it by undervaluing it, and don't ruin it by worrying about it. The future will be what it will be. It's time to take the first step.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there would be a wealth of knowledge that I would desire to share with myself. However, since I am limited in my space I would say this. 1) Find your dream and hold on to it. There will be a great many people that will tell you that you canot and will not accomplish what you want, but F.D. Roosevelt was right when he said "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." Don't let anyone tell you, 'You can't', not even yourself. 2) The great activist, Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote "Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend." Keep this in mind as you interact with people you meet, some which you will easily love, and other that may seem like enemies. Every man has a heart, and if you are patient and gracious, you will find it. Also, stay true to yourself. Anyone can lie, but it takes a truly couragous person to be honest with others and themselves. Finally, never give up, life is a battle and victory is worth it.


Give your very best effort but also have some fun.


As a high school senior, I was a very introverted person. However after making the transition into college life, I would advise myself as a high school senior to value people and relationships more. In high school, I spent a lot of time by myself either in the library or just walking around campus since I did not feel like I needed people in my life. I found myself spending more time by myself trying to get homework done rather than spending time with family and friends. Yet I found that the more time I spent by myself, the more I wanted to exclude myself from people and the harder it became for me to relate to and have true care and concern for others. However after entering college, I realized that life is not meant to be lived on my own. I'd advise myself that I do need people in my life and I do need to learn how to love and care for others rather than living by myself in my own little world. A world without love is a world that is not worth living in and I would tell myself to learn to love others.


Live college life to the fullest. Do not carry around uneccesary baggage that burdened you in high school. College is a place to start afresh. Even though it may be extremely difficult at times, come out of your shell and introduce yourself to others. People in college are friendly and welcoming and they sincerely want to know who you are. Do not retreat back into your comfort zone. Take a giant leap of faith knowing that you will make friends in college that will last a lifetime. Now I am not going to sugar coat the situation and tell you that college is a breeze. There will be times that you will want familiarity and the mere desire of fitting in. All I can say is to give it time. The transition period will end and you will see college as your home: a home that is filled with long-lasting friendships and life lessons. In the meantime, get involved as much as possible. Try out clubs, extra-curriculars, and dorm events. Those places will help you build friendships and also broaden your horizons. College is an incredible experience that you will never forget. Just live it to the fullest.


Given this chance, I would tell myself to not worry as much about leaving home or about going out to a place I have never been before. There is no need to wonder if I will fit in, if I will like it, if I will be loved and accepted, because all of those things will happen in the best possible way. I would remind myself that getting a lot of sleep is a really good thing, and that getting my work done before it is due is a great habit, yet to remember that these relationships I make now last for a long time. I would tell myself to remind my family every day before I leave how much I love them, and to tell my friends that too. Yet, to also never feel guilty for not being there, but to live in each and every moment that I have wherever I presently am. I would encourage myself to be confident of my decision and to see everything as the adventure that it is. I would tell myself that the weather is perfect, but the friends are even better. I would tell myself that I will love it.


My college experience has made me more responsible of my own actions and my own responsibilities. My highschool history teacher told me: there's the stuff you know, the stuff you don't know, the stuff you know you know, and the stuff you didn't even know you didn't know about. College is the last one. Everything is new on a much larger scale. So many more new people and things to dig into deeper and get more involved in. I've been introduced to more people that think more outside of the box than i could even think to think of, as my history teacher would say. I'm excited that this is just the begining and that there is so much more out there for me to discover and learn.


My college experience at Biola has been a growing and exciting experience that has drastically changed my views in life. The classes are very challenging and the teachers expect a lot from us because they invest so much of their time into teaching. I really admire that the teachers do not want us to turn in assignments that follow a strict guideline, but rather want us to be creative and to do only our best. Because the teachers cared so much about my education, it pushed and challenged me to do better. I thought I would want to get through college as quick as I could because I never liked to learn. But now I am finding myself soaking up the material and applying the curriculum to my life. I now enjoy learning and it is because of how much the school invests in each of their students. The students are all very mature and very accepting. I have never been surrounded by so many solid, loving people ever before. This school has inspired me to learn and strive to be the best person I can be so I can use my talents and gifts to help better society.


What I have gotten from my experience here at UCF is a sense of community involvement. We learned that in whatever are endeavors are its a good idea to be involved in your community, because you ultimately have an impact on how your community functions as a whole. I found it valuable that I attended this university because I have made lifelong friendships . Frienships that I know I can rely on for any future opportunities and can rely on me as well. Being involved in such a diversed university has truely helped me to broaden my horizons . I truely reccomend that every high school graduate try college at least one year t get a feel to see if they enjoy the experience.


I am showing my two teenage girls that you can live your dreams. That even though you have detours in life you can always change your path. I have learned better study habits and learned how to use the tools given to me to help me succed. Although I am a working mother and a part time student I hope my girls see how much effort I am putting into this and it encourages them to do the same. I am the only one in my family to have ever attended college that in its self is an accomplishement.


There are three major things I have gained while being in college. The first one is friends: I have found many friends from all over the country. A few will be friends I'll walk along life's journey with for the rest of my time on earth. Many others are people, who, as far as college is concerned, will join me on the next two and a half years I have left during my time at Biola. The second gain has been maturity. There is much growing up that hopefully occurs while at college, and I have found growth in the area of maturity. That has to do with the people one chooses to "hang out" with, but it also is a personal choice. I've made the maturation process a priority, and I am seeing results. The last thing I have gained is independence. College leaves one without the constant supervision of parents, so it is up to the student to spend those hours studying, make that tough call decision, or determine whether going to a party is the right thing to do. College encourages you to be more independent!


The best thing I have gotten out of my attending Biola is the opportunity to push my own limits. I found out that there are no limits except the ones you set for yourself. I found out that you must believe in God first, which translates into you believing that you were created exceptionally complete and therefore there is nothing you can not do. God made each one of us with different abilities to serve Him first. This makes you a very productive person because you serve God first, that means you do everything with such pleasure because you are doing it for Him, not just for the boss, client, family member etc. In contrast you become the most positive individual and that makes you attractive to any entity whether religious or not. As you attend and complete a higher education degree, you find out that the world is much more wider than you thought and much more need for you to become a solver of oppressing actions whether self inflicted or otherwise. Thank you


Dear Scholarship Sponsor (s), I feel honored and pleased today to thank you for the quantity of funds, but also significant you apportion those who want to pursue their studies in several fields. Allow me to jog your memory with this well-known quotation: “Gratefulness is the memory of heart.” So by the same token, I cannot delay to express my thankfulness to you for all fiduciary support you will award me as well. As you might be aware of this information, my major is Criminal Justice. Consequently, I remain assured through the knowledge I have acquired from Valencia Community College, a prestigious institution in terms of my associated degree. Next, the Bachelor degree I am seeking in the same field. I will surely but efficiently materialize that savoir-faire into general necessitate in order to be helpful for a brighter and safer country, the United States of America. This is in reality an interesting study field. As a consequence, I am totally convinced through your understanding and philanthropy, you will help me triumph over numerous harms surrounding the path to my study accomplishment. I will anticipate my gratitude to your approbation to this epistle-request. Sincerely yours, Kero Otilien


I always knew that college would change me, but I did not know that it would change me this much. Looking back at my life in Connecticut and now in California, I am not the same person that I once was. Biola has helped me open up and regain the confidence that I once had. It has also shown me that when I do graduate college, I will be faced with compromising situations, but by staying true to my beliefs, I will not stumble. As a sophomore at Biola University, it has truly been a blessing to have been taught by professors that care and want their students to succeed and impact the world for Christ. Also, I have made friendships that I hope to never lose and has pushed me outside my comfort zone in order to do things that I normally would not have done; of which I am grateful. I am only a sophomore and still have so much more to learn as well as to grow. I could not see myself at any other school than Biola and I know that this experience is only the first step in the journey of my life.


College is worth every credit earned, for me college is providing me an opportunity to leave my own legacy. My legacy is important to me because I grew up in a very rough way, everything I have done all the education I have received has been though sheer desire. I know more and more everyday that education improves an indipendent way of life. while I have been in college I have grown a lot of what I have been raised to know as "correct" was not always correct , for instance racial profiling I grew up with the thought not all people where equal. Since I have been in college I have learned to take a step back and to evaluate things gain my own perspective. writing this legacy is something that only my education has been able to assist. I have also gotten to travel and see many great places and meet wonderful people. I have gained the most important thing of all which is confidence to become my own person, and do things that are thought always to be impossible, most important with a college education anything is possible.


I have recieved an excellent expierence in what it mean to accpet others for who they are. My time at Biola has been one where I have been taught to give every idea a fair shake even if it means putting my own ideas and beliefs on the line. As for poeple, I have been shown by fellow students was it means to be a leader to others. The love for poeple that Biola has shown me has inspired me to be a person that leads through love. A keen mind and an open heart are the two things that Biola has given me and will give to any and all other students who attend.


Attending Biola University has been a growing experience for me spiritually, educationally, and socially. My major is Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in linguistics. Before coming to the school, I knew I wanted to end up in mission work overseas possibly working on translating the Bible. Biola requires that every student earn a minor in Bible. The Bible courses that I have taken so far have already doubled what I knew before, even after growing up in the church. This has not only given me a firmer foundation in my beliefs, but has increased my desire to learn more and share this book with others. My general education classes have also been very worth-while. After one semester of both History and Writing I feel I learned more than I did in all of high school. The professors at Biola are excited about the subjects they teach and genuinely want each student to learn. These classes did not just teach me to memorize facts, but to analyze them and think critically to draw conclusions. The Biola community has also stimulated social growth in me. Having contact with many diverse people gives me opportunities to learn from and value many views.


Throughout my college experience, I have learned so much about myself. It's so exciting learning who I am and who I'm going to be. I am so glad I decided to go awy to a four year university. I'm learning how to be an independent person. I'm also creating great relationships with the amazing students and faculty. Also, I'm getting to see more of the world than if I had stayed home. The education at my university is of a very high quality. I feel as if I have learned more in my short time at college than I did in my four years in high school.


What I've gained from this semester is that I should never take for granted what I've been blessed with. Instead of wanting more and more and wasting more and more I need to treasure what I have and make use of it. Because everything and everyday is a gift from God.