Biola University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Classes range in their difficulty, for me, once I got into my major classes they tended to be a bit more difficult. Most of them are pretty small class sizes except for the bible classes and general education classes. They are mostly all lecture classes, but depends on if the class is for your major or not.




I'm a Journalism Major so, most of my courses revolve around that. If not my classes, then I still do outside activities to help me practice my craft. I love my bible classes and journalism classes. I'm not too crazy about the general ed's to be frank but, I'll get through it. What I love about my journalism classes is that we are being taught an trained by professionals who are beyond enthusiastic about their field of study. I am a Writing and Publishing emphasis (Print emphasis) but, here at Biola, I get to dib and dab into a bit of broadcast, visual, and if I really wanted, public relations (P.R.) My bible classes are like nothing I have ever had, I'm learning more and more about how i don't know the Bible like I thought I did and I am learning how to study and apply the Bible to my life through these courses. I am even able to choose some of the nest professors for this.


As the semester draws to a close, looking back on my classes makes me happy and sad at the same time. I had the greatest schedule this semester in terms of introducing myself to college and what both of my majors will be like. I loved my journalism classes so much and learned a considerably large amount of things that weren't included in High School courses. Also, my psychology class motivated and challenged me to keep onto of my work and consistently study the information. I loved my classes this semester and am excited to see what next semester has in store.


Classes are challenging and a lot of work, but always manageable. The professors are always available to help and classmates are really supportive and willing to help out.