Biola University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the community. The relationships you make at Biola will be lasting friendships.


Biola is a great school with a great community. If I were to brag about anything it would be the event of MockRock. 2014 was the first year that I have participated in it. The MockRock event is this big get together of dance teams who dance to contemporary music all mixed into a giant skit. It was by far the most fun thing that I have done while attending Biola and I can't wait to do it again next year. People camped out all night just so they would be first in line thats how intense it is.


I brag about the location. It's located in Southern California. The school is so close by so many fun things: Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and downtown L.A. The location also means- the weather. It's sunny and hot. It makes studying so much more fun. It's near the ocean, close to all the great beaches liek Huntington, Newport and Santa Monica.


I am proud to say that I completed my degree. Raising 2 boys by myself, working full time and going to school full time was a huge challenge. I was able to model doing homework with my kids and show them the benefits of going to college.


The Christian community here is amazing. The students care, the facultry cares. If you go here, you will really learn a lot about what it means to serve God and be involved in a community that does.


I tell my friends that Biola is the most beautiful campus because coming from the East Coast and moving to California where it is warm and sunny mostly all year round, the university is paradise. The professors care greatly about their students and are very passionate about the material they are teaching. Also, the community at Biola is amazing. The majority of students are extremely friendly and want to get to know you. Lastly, Biola is a Christian University. Since attending the university, my life and my faith in God has grown tremendously, which is what matters most.


I brag mostly about how nice and well equipped the campus is as far as ammenties to the students. The cafeteria food is very diverse and offer a large variety for picker eaters or vegetarians/vetgans etc. The dorms are very clean and new, as well as have larger room sizes than most other college dorms. I also like to include how the student to faculty ratio really caters to those requiring more one on one time with professors. There is high technological advancement throughout Biola as well which aids students tremendously.


Were right next to disneyland, and our cafeteria is MUCH MUCH BETTER than 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of any other school cafeteria out there


The Bible program that it has! It is an amazing program and not like any other program that I have seen. All the teachers are sure about what they teach and are open to any question or disagreement that one may have.


I tell them that the director and screenwriter for The Exorcism of Emily Rose graduated from Biola.


Community! Because my school is faith-based most of us have similar beliefs and values which creates the perfect opportunity to create those life-long friends while still being able to deepen my relationship with Christ. The professors are very helpful and truly love and care for their students, something that is slowly declining in colleges. The location is great! Fifteen minutes away from the magical Disneyland and thirty minutes away from the beach!


The fact that we are 15 minutes away from Disneyland!


The students are super friendly and fun. The professors care a lot about students and are very good at teaching, very helpful. The campus is a great size: you small enough to walk across but big enough to hold everything you need. And it's beautiful. The library is wonderful: great resources, great places for studying. On-campus eating is actually really easy and the food is surprisingly good. The academic programs are excellent.


I am challenging myself through obtaining my doctarate degree in pharamcy. Science is my most toughest subject and in order to pursure this career I must master Chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy. I will major in Biochemistry at a four year university before transfering to Medical School and I look forward to gthe challange.


When I brag about my school, I point out that we have an amazing study abroad program with superbly helpful staff. Due to their incredible staff, I was able to study abroad in Japan. My school has outlets to several parts of the world because of missionaries who have graduated from Biola, so I definitely brag about our presence in the world.


The emphasis on making an impact in the world regardless of major or career goals.


When I describe my university I am unable to prevent a large smile from forming on my face. I believe that Biola University provides a a wonderfully diverse campus that is able to teach liberal arts with a Christian emphasis. An education at Biola is two fold because not only does it provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need to be successful in your career however it also shapes you to change the world for the better through the Lord Jesus Christ.


Community social aspect, Biblical teaching and Bible classes, and the cafeteria.


The location is idyllic. Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County.


I got a great education and teachers that really cared. Best of all, it was a Christ-centered education.


I brag about the size (it's smaller) and I also brag about how beautiful the campus is. Our professors pray for us everyday before class. I dunno, its great. Especially the campus. It's beautiful


We are never pressured to do anything that we do not feel comfortable with and are encouraged to follow God with everything we have.


The education I received is beyond compare especially when I interact with students from other Universities and see how much more grounded I am while still being able to think outside the box than they are. BIOLA prepared me well for both the job force as well as Graduate studies. I feel my education was worth every cent!


I brag that the ocean, disneyland, and exciting L.A. are all only about 20 minutes away. The professors are also amazing and you can tell that they are genuinely interested in the success of their students. The classes are small and personal, which allows for more discussion and personal growth. The school places a lot of emphasis on Christian values and helps students find their full potential both spriritually and academically. I really love how the two go hand and hand. Overall, the love of the Lord is highly presented on campus, and this makes for a wonderful school!


The education is like none other. I couldn't imagine receiving an education from any other place. I didn't expect to learn as much as I did and it was all new and interested and made me enjoy being in school. The perspectives you get are diserve, yet all still Christian based.


the community and the amazing friends i have made here


The people there are very kind and welcoming. The professors authentically care about their students. They have me call them by their first names.


Strong art program.