Biola University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who attends Biola is anyone actively seeking a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. This college is a Christian college actively focused on spiritual development. Biola is also a place where many people are friendly and is a tight knit community, so it is a great place for anyone who is extraverted or looking to make new friends.


Someone who is committed to making a tangible impact on the world and refining themselves and their community for God.


A christian who is interested in growing in their faith and wishes to have a Christ centered education in many different areas of study.


One who is passionate for Christ and for the advancement of His kingdom. People who want to attend this school are ones who see their future in God's perspective and will for their lives.


Any eager young mind who is willing to be accepted by a Christ centered community that prides itself on success in integrating faith with education. If you are the type who likes a quiet surrounding community and a small green and brick walled campus, BU is perfect. BU is the perfect place for anyone who is in need of a great education and a great community in which you can fully develope yourself and experience the college life without all the distractions. BU is perfect for any young Christian mind on the border of his or her fatih.


Someone who is serious about their Christian faith and their relationship with God who is also seeking a top-notch education.


Those who desire to have their faith integrated into their education and who want to be surrounded by godly professors and students should come attend Biola University. Also those who do not want to fall into the typical college party life can attend Biola and see that what truly brings joy and satisfaction is not going to parties and drinking but is loving God and others.


The campus is a private Evangelical school, so only those students willing to live a life of Christian standards should attend. Being a private school, it is also expensive. It would be wise for students who wish to attend Biola to be serious about their studies if they are going to pay so much. The location is also something to consider. La Mirada is in Los Angeles county and there are very few places to get away from city life. If a prospective student is used to rural areas, this could be an exciting or frustrating thing.


People who are intestest in growing in their relationship with Christ while getting a high quality education doing something they love.


If you are a person who loves a supportive community, with encouraging students and staff, then attend Biola. There is sunshine almost all the time, and when you are down, your new college friends will lift you up. Being at Biola is the time to discover deeper relationships, and learn how to stand firm in your personal beliefs and rigorous academic carreer through Biblical guidance. Here, you realize that the accountability partners, utter joy, and peace that you see on peoples faces is established through the love of Christ. Those seeking uplifting community and well-rounded education apply today!


Someone who is serious about their faith and want to learn more so that they can better use their faith.


A self driven person with a good upbringing from home. Someone who is well supported and on fire about their education as well as their spiritual life


Some one who seeks to not only learn academics but someone who desires to grow spiritually as well.


Someone who attends this school should be Christian and willing to follow the rules of the university. They should like the sun and the beach, not mind a small campus. The person should be at least a decent student, and able to get up before 10am.


An ideal Biola student is passionate about using their education to impact their communities and the world in positive ways for the Lord Jesus Christ. A prospective Biola student should also be willing to reach into the lives of his fellow students and willing to open up to his fellow students, thereby participating in this strong community that effects lasting change upon each student that graduates.


Anyone who is interested in a small school atmosphere surrounded by friendly, goal-oriented people would like Biola. Biola has a great spiritual foundation to help student learn more about Christianity. Not only do the students here at Biola help encourage and push each other academically, but also the students help each other grow in their faith. If a student is looking to party frequently and drink alcohol, this is not the school for him. On the other hand, if the sudent wants to develop as a person and also develop life-long friendships then biola is the place.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one who desires to do the will of God by glorifying Him in all that he/she does in life such as ministry, teaching, worship, etc.


A person of the Christian faith should definitely come here. If they have never been in a solid Christian community, then this is the place to be. The community here at Biola allows the student to flourish in their faith as well as their academic carrer and social life. Biola offers a safe place for people to come to know the Lord in a deeper way, understand who they are and what they have to offer in this world. This is such an encouraging place to be. If those things are what you're looking for, Biola is it.


you must be a christian to attend this school


First of all you need to be Christian. Besides that there are a lot of caring, optimistic, and happy people. People that are willing to help others without looking for anything in return.


First and foremost, Biola University students should be people who have a relationship with God. They need to understand what Jesus Christ did on the cross and accept His forgiveness and grace. Regardless of how strong a Christian they are, they need to be seeking to know God more. Having said that, any person, however rich or smart, whatever ethnicity or background, should consider going to Biola University. People who go to Biola should be willing to learn, ready to grow, and open to change. Biola is a great place and any college student would benefit from going there.


A person that is ready to take on the challenges of defending their faith while aiming to obtain their degree in the subject that they desire should go to Biola. This is a great place for students who want to find themselves strong in their faith with God and long to be taught each subject through the lenses of a biblical point of view. Students who desire to learn from this perspective are people who will definitely be prepared to go out into the world and not only succeed in their careers but know how to defend their own beliefs.


A consertitive and smart person.


Biola University is a conservative Christian school that has a rich history of being Biblically rooted. The type of person that should attend Biola is one who has a personal belief in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, and who desires to continue to strengthen their relationship with God by willingly joining a community of other people with the same beliefs as well as by taking Bible classes to enhance their knowledge. They should also be ready for a challenge as they learn what it means to live a selfless life like Jesus Christ.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one who is looking to grow spiritually as well as academically to make a positive impact on the world.


The exact opposite of what I described as a person who should not attend Biola. A student who is passionate about learning his or her faith and what it means to impact the world for the Lord, Jesus Christ through any field or specialization they major in.


A devoted Christian with a hunger for learning about God and about the life he calls his followers to. Someone who is ready to work really hard and get no sleep would be good too.


This is a private Christian university, and it is an amazing place for anyone who wants to grow in faith and in knowledge.


If you love God and desire to learn more about Him, Biola is perfect for you. Biola is an academically strong school that offers a variety of majors. The best part about Biola is that everything one might learn at a secular school is taught AND we also get the chance to learn everything with an integration of the Bible. Being at Biola is like being a part of a huge family; everyone is genuinely friendly. Biola is located in sunny California within a few miles from the beach and downtown LA and there's always plenty to do.


Anyone who desires to learn a lot more about God while taking classes for their major as well should definitely attend this school. There are a lot of really caring people here, people who are passionate about what they do.


A student must have a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and have a heart to make an impact on the world for His names sake. Any person who is seeking to know more about Biblical truth and has a yearning to grow as a whole person: emotionally, academically, and spiritually. A student who truly has a desire to be challenged as well as grow and mature in their faith and academic studies. Someone who is willing to ask hard questions about life and has a yearning to answer those questions truthfully and with boldness.


If you want to attend a Evangelical University than Biola is probably the school for you. You receive a Minor (or Major) in Biblical Studies/Theology by fulfilling your Bible class requirements. People are friendly and I enjoy my time here.


fun, happy, christian, follower of Jesus Christ, one who wants to persue ministry, artistic


Someon seeking to find a safe place to grow and develop their beliefs, values and get a vision for their purpose in the future.


Students seeking an education experience deep-rooted in biblical and spiritual influences should attend this school. Biola is for students who want to prepare for the world in a way that will effect them eternally.


A Christian who wants to focus on their spiritual growth along with preparing themselves for the professional world.


A Christian, some one who is on fire for learning, makig life long friends, those who want to be happy and not feel alone. Those who attend Biola usually have a positive view on life, are eager to be kind generous and always offer their hand when someone is in need. Some one who is not afraid to sing, dance, or just sit quitly and smile. Everyone is nice, people will compliment you, people will smile when they make eye contact, some will wave, some will stop just to simply ask how you day is going. thats a Biolian.


The type of person who should attend thi s school is a sincere Christian who is looking to grow in their faith with tons of other amazing people. Biola is much stronger on the liberal arts side, but there are opportunities for those in technical fields as well. If you want to go to a huge school don't come here.


I think that Biola is perfect for anyone who wants to be challenged academically as well as in their Christian faith. I LOVE the school and I have not met anyone who doesn't.