Biola University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


One who is willing to challenge themselves academically and spiritually


I transfered into Biola last school year (2013-2014) and I'm not going to lie, coming from a community college was a challenge. In community college I seemed to get better grades without putting as much work in. Biola has definitely pushed me to be more dilligent with my work. That being said, if someone is not self-motivated, Biola may not be a good fit for them. You have to have some sort of goal in mind to remind yourself of why all of the work you are doing is worth it.


Well the school is founded on Christian principles and is an evangelical school and still very much abide by Christian and biblical principles. So if that is not appealing to someone then I would definitely encourage them to look for a school more suited to their interests, one that would be more suited to who they are. However Biola is not oppressively conservative and the student body is certainly more varied than the instituion itself. The school does have community standards that the student body is expected to abide by but they are pretty reasonable.


Someone who does not tolerate the belief and faith in God of their peers. Also someone who does not believe that God is their Lord and Savior.


Someone who doesn't find joy in learning.


I have learned that, although I love my college so far, Biola University is not for everyone. Because each student who attends this school is required to minor in Biblical Studies, the primary type of person that should not attend this university would be someone who does not wish to minor in Biblical Studies.


Someone who isnt authentic about their faith or who doesn't like being involved would not do good at Biola Universtiy.


If you're not a Christian, you probably won't enjoy the fact that we're required 30 chapels and 30 bible units. It is a Christian school so if you're not a Christian I wouldn't recommend it for you. Also, Biola's campus culture is very interesting. If you're from the east coast (as I am) just be prepared for a major difference. Biola's very hipster/fashion oriented and a lot of emphasis is put on outward appearance by students (unfortunately).


Biola University requires a Bible minor for all of their students; therefore, this school would not be appropriate for someone not interested in expanding their faith walk


One should not attend Biola University if he or she has no desire to seek personal growth or challenge himself or herself to overcome obstacles. One should also not attend this school if he or she does not have a belief in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Unfortuantely, if you are not a Christian, you cannot attend this magnificent school. Anybody seeking the stereotypical lifestyle portrayed in media about college should not attend BU. There are no frats, no substanance use allowed or even done anywhere on campus. The parties held here uphold the college standard. The community standards are simple and possible, and if you break contract, you cant return.


A student who would not find Biola Univeristy a good fit for them could be described in the following way: a non-Christian, loves the partying scene, sexually active, would hate compulsory chapel, likes a big city environment, loves huge crowds, and, overall, subscribes to secular philosophy.


One that does NOT want to meet friends they want to keep for a lifetime, or one who WANTS to spend time partying, drinking and doing drugs as a regular part of their college experience.


Someone with a lack of proper funding should not attend this school. It is very expensive and unless you can receive a lot of financial aid, it becomes difficult to afford.


Students who are seaking a major in hispanic studies or language. The program had recently closed and wasn't the strongest program when it was open.


People who think they know everything should not attend Biola. People who fail to see the value in others' perspectives should not attend Biola. People who are parochial and narrow-minded should not attend Biola.


Biola university is strictly for students that are follwers of Christ. They don't accept those who are of other religions and they ask for your testimony as well. Also, those christians who would like to experience the "real college experience" should not attend this school because they ask you to sign a contract saying that the student will not drink,smoke, have sex, and etc.


If you need a small rural setting, Biola is not the place for you. Biola is not a party school, so partiers should look elsewhere.


Biola welcomes all types of people, but I feel that those who do not want to learn about the Lord and further his kingdom would not be happy here simply because that is what Biola's mission is. Biola strives to incorporate the Christian worldview into every class, and if this is not what you want to spend your days doing, Biola is probably not the school for you.


The kind of people that should not attend Biola University are those that are interested in partying through college, as this will not be tolerated.


Someone who does not take their Spiritual life seriously. One who is not an active Christian.


A person who was not a professing Christian could not attend this school. This university was built on the goal to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ, so they provide a foundation of Biblical teaching and challenge us throughout the educational experience. Making Biola a 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} Christian community may sound restrictive, but this is what makes it so unique. Just visiting the campus, you can feel the different dynamics of community and even stewardship.


If you are the kind of person who is particularly attached to such social activities as drinking, gambling, and engaging in sexual activities outside of marriage, or if you detest chapel attendance, then Biola is not for you. Students here sign a contract prohibiting those behaviors. Biola is an evangelical Christian organization, and all of its students are committed followers of Jesus Christ. People who are not Christians, or are not completely devoted to following God's will for their lives, will not enjoy the atmosphere of Biola. The happiest students on Biola's campus are the more conservative ones.


A non-Christian.


Biola is a small, community based school that emphasizes the importance of learning more about Christianity, the Bible, and how to apply faith to the everday life. Anyone who does not think that they will thrive well in this kind of school should not attend. I reccommend that everyone interested should at least check it out before making any decisions.


A non professing Christian should not attend this school. The mission statement of this school is to equip students to reach the world for the Lord, Jesus Christ. It is important to not get involved with drinking, partying, doing drugs at this school and friends will call you out if you do so.


Any one interested in getting a great education in a Christian environment to allow them to grow spiritually and at the same time prepare them to get a job after school.


Although Biola is a wonderful university that fits the needs of a broad spectrum of students, it definitely does not fit all. Biola holds very high standards for their student in all aspects of life; therefore, young adults wishing to attend a school filled with parties, drinking, and drugs need to direct their college search elsewhere. Along with the party hardy folks, the "free soul" personalities would be dissatisfied with Biola. Not only does Biola have a set of standards that each student must follow, but everyone is required to take specific classes alongside their majors in order to graduate.


People who want to party and live life rather than focus on studies should NOT attend this school because our campus has strict rules. People who lack any faith should NOT attend this school because this is a Christian university. Lastly, people who want the big campus feeling should NOT attend this school because Biola is a small campus, and everyone becomes a familiar face.


Those with hareden hearts of rebellion, and who like to shake their fist at authority simply to do so, because it gives them a feeling of power and independence.


I you're looking for a time to party doing drugs/alcohol during college, then this school is not for you. It's a Christian school so there are rules against that.


Someone who is not driven to learn diligently about God and seek His will for his life. Someone should not go to Biola if they plan on partying all the time. Biola is for people who are serious about their futures and following God's plan.


Overly liberal, drug-using, alcohol-binging homosexuals. Really.


Someone who parties or likes to find joy in alcohol or drugs. There is a very strong supportive group of students who are not afraid to turn you in if alcohol and drugs is a problem. But if it's a one time thing, students are usually pretty cool in not turning you in.


Biola is focused on teaching students based on integration of the bible with the subject of study. We learn how to properly apply our beliefs to our studies when applicable in order to proclaim the word of God in any area of work through word and deed. This is not to say that non-Christians should not attend Biola, but they may not have the same appreciation for the education that we receive at Biola. It is still a very open community to different cultures, backgrounds, and religions.


Biola is a private Christian university, so students who are not believers of Jesus Christ should not attend (and will not be accepted to) Biola.


Somewhat is isnt christian, and focused on an integrated life of ministry.


This school is not the ideal institution for those seeking an agricultural or unreligios lifestyle. the Los Angeles location encourages an upbeat and fast paced lifestyle which isn't for everyone. There are many oppertunites due to its location, but these will be unhelpful if a student is seeking some a career that is not popular in this region. Also, this school has a very religions approach to campus life, so if student is looking for a "party school" experience then another school should be considered. there are a fair amount of parties, but Biola is a dry campus.


Someone who enjoys being involved with campus activities, like southern californian culture, likes to be a part of dormitory activites, and doesn?t mind attending mandatory chapels


A Christian looking for a great small school to receive a Christian based education. You have to put yourself out there and meet new people, but there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and be apart of what is going on around campus. There is no drinking and no drugs allowed on or off campus while enrolled at this school. There are certain hours you can/can't go into opposite sex dorm rooms, so you will have to find other places to hang out if you're into that.


Anyone who does not believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and that Jesus Christ came down from Heaven, became a man, and died for all of our sins on a cross. Three days later he rose again and since then we have been justified by His blood.