Biola University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


One fustrating thing about my school is that there are no faternities or sororities to be a part of.


It can feel like you are living in a bubble and aren't in the real world, which is both good and bad, but it can be hard to escape sometimes.


There are really only two types of people there, and few and far between. The first group is the athletes- the cool group. They like to drink and party and they think they're somethin else. But then there's the peopel who sit on the grass all day and sing worship songs. Sometimes people are too religious and it gets old. There needs to be more variety.


the most fustrating thing about school is the cost, it is a private school but it still hurts to pay.


It can be frustrating if you ever want to find a place to be alone where it's quiet because there are people everywhere.

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If you are unhappy with your living situation it is difficult to switch to a new room or dorm, even if there is room available. The financail aid office can be very difficult to work with, and they are sometimes very unhelpful.


The most frustrating thing is that some students aren't willing to put themselves in others' shoes, especially when it comes to those that have not had as much. Most students come from well-advanced homes and so cannot understand those that have come from poverished homes.


The most frustrating thing is waiting for your grades to be posted for submitted work


Some classes are offered too early in the morning.


The narrow-minded, right-wing, conservative crowd.


I think that it's frustrating that Biola will not let you do the "typical" college things such as, going out to clubs, drinking, dancing, and etc. I feel that it benefits the Christian students because it helps them not do those sorts of things. However, I feel like the students at Biola can maybe be more judgemental if they were to meet someone who did these things and rather than "embracing" them as we are told to do so, they will judge and not accept them for who they are even if it is just a the college experience.


I realize this may be a minor issue, but the most frustrating thing at my school is the rule about dancing. The administration does not allow student dancing at school events, because the school officials think it is an inappropriate activity for Christian students. When I was in high school, my swim team and I hosted occasional dance parties. I love to dance. It is so much fun to do what you love with your friends. I miss dancing. I am hoping that this rule will be overturned soon so we can ?get our moves on.?


The most frustrating thing at my school has to be that some of the professors I have had so far fail to utilize the useful Blackboard system. When Blackboard isn't being updated, this means that the only way for you can find out your grade is by scheduling an extremely awkward office visit where as well as finding out your grade, you'll also recieve intense academic criticisim.


Money, money money! Because it is a private school it's a pretty hefty price (at least for me) to attend Biola. And when it comes to paying for the school, it's up to me to come up with the money, so I have now become a fan of student loans and scholarships. Despite the high costs, I knew I was willing to take out those student loans because ultimately, this school is worth it.


The scarcity of financial aid sources aside, the most frustrating thing I have experienced is a tendency among both students and administration toward academic trendiness (becoming overly concerned with the latest fad in university culture, whether it be "integration" or "multimedia" or "post-something", and losing the drive for genuine excellence in scholarship), but this is common among universities.


The living situation is the most frustrating. The school is beginning to grow to a size in which there is not enough housing to accomodate everyone. The freshman and sophomores are still being guaranteed housing but juniors and seniors are not. There is also no guarantee that you can live in the dorm that you would like too or be able to live in a double. A lot of the younger students end up in triples so that they can all live on campus.


It's getting crowded and the campus can't be expanded. This is to reduce tuition, but since it is practically the sole funding source for the school, we still have to pay a lot.


The most frustrating thing about my school was the parking situation. To park on campus cost $100 per semester, and even then it was quite crowded. So most students parked on the street, in which you would have to factor in at least 20 minutes before class in order to find a parking spot in the neighborhood.


The cost. It is incredibly expensive not only to attend Biola but to live here in general (at least compared to Arizona where I am from).


the limited hours of the library; limited parking; cost of attending the school


The student body isn't the best educated when it comes to artistic/aesthetic taste which makes it difficult for the visual artists to find a lot of encouragement.


I've never beeb around so many people with the same opinion in my life! It is hard to think differently and for the right reasons, to stand up for truth instead of going along with the crowd or simply being rebellious.


The lack of awareness of racial issues that students of color experience on campus; although the administration claims to be supportive of programs that bring these issues to light, sometimes the follow through isn't there.


Lack of funding can lead to certain departments not having the adequate facilities, especially the in the arts.


The high cost of tuition is probably the most frustrating thing about my school. Contrary to initial reaction, Biola is a very open-minded community that fosters sound intellectual thought and the creative arts.


In my major, there aren't very many classes for my emphasis.