Biola University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Your career has begun. Every day you have is an opportunity to step closer to the future you want for yourself and can build for yourself. Balance your time, study what you are majoring in and understand that social life will happen naturally. Connect with people who share life with you and who sharpen you. Don't worry about missing out on social life if you study or spend as long as it takes to understand the homework. Procrastination is manageable. Give yourself little breaks to keep your mind in constant growth. You have a career to accomplish, not a reputation to uphold.


I wish I had known the different scholarships the school has available, as well as the test score requirements for the academic scholarships being more publicized.


I wish i had known how important it was to save up for school before coming in. While tuition may be expensive, it is worth the education and experiences that i have had and continue to have. My parents never went to college, so they had no knowledge of how expensive it can be. Preperation is key.


That your friends are always there for you. Sometimes it is easy to feel alone or hurt, but your friends always want to know what is going on and how they can help. Establishing a good group of friends is so cruicial to the whole college experience. It makes every class more fun, and during your free time there is a group of people that want to be with you and hang out with you.


That friends don't form over night. It does take a while to find friends that your are comfortable around and enjoy spending time with. Don't stress out if you don't have a group of friends by the first week of school, even when it appears that other people do. It will come! And you'll be glad you waited for great friends enstead of settling for a group your uncofortable with.


Before coming to Biola University I wish someone had told me that many students go home on the weekend. The center of campus beocmes almost like a ghost town on certain weekends. Many students live nearby therefore they go home to visit family on weekends, leaving a small protion of students left on campus. This does not happen every weekend, but it does happen often. Do not get me wrong, you can always find friends to hang out with on the weekend and go explore beautiful Southern California or chill in the dorms, there is just less people overall.


I should be more outgoing to gain friends as a commuter


Since I am a minority student, I think that I wish I had delved a bit deeper into Biola's roots when it comes to diversity. It's rought honestly but wer're working towards making Biola a more diverse and multi-ethnic oriented environment.


As the first generation going to college, I wish I knew how expensive it was after all the fees.


I wish that I hadn't waited so long before completing my bachelors degree at BIOLA. Going back to school to complete my degree as an adult, I missed out on the experience of being an on campus student. I was also a single mother raising 2 little boys so I also wish I had looked into more scholarships that may have been available to me at that time.


Nothing. It exceeded my expectations.


I wish I could have learned more about where things are located in the campus. As a commuter, I don’t really get the advantage of being in school for hours and walking around the campus, exploring. I had to find time to walk around and see where certain building is located and where events happen. I guess it just takes time in knowing where everything is and finding my way throughout the campus.


I wish I would have known more about the programs that the school offers.


Different ways to pay for shcool. Knowing where to get the money to pay for school is extremely important.


I wish I would have known how important it is to step out of your comfort zone and meet as many new people as you can, even people you wouldn't normally talk to. I wish that instead of being very quiet and shy, I would have been more outgoing because everyone at Biola is so friendly and willing to meet new people.


Some of the dorms aren't that great.


I wish I had know more enlisted in the military. This school is awsome and has many resources in terms of funds, community, connections and over al a good staff.


I wish I would have known how undiverse the school was. It was a culture shock being the only black student in a lot of my classes.


My parents and I expected that when I began attending Biola in August, I could easily find an on-campus job, which we knew I needed to have in order to pay for school. When I went to look for jobs, however, I realized that only a handful of positions were available. Biola does not offer very many on-campus positions, and I wish I had known that ahead of time. I cannot work off-campus because I do not have a car, so I frantically applied for every job I could. I finally got one in October.


I wish I had known of the many fanancial aid opportunities that Biola had that would have helped me pay for tuition.


I wish that I would have known how to manage my time in a better fashion. I tend to spend most of my time doing school work and studying. I think my study skills are great, yet last semester I did not know how to allot myself time to relax and spend with my friends. Time management would have helped me to allow myself to stop working non-stop and give me time to revive myself to study later.


I wish I had known how much fun college and making new friends would be. I wish I had known that the mystery of college is a fun adventure. I wish I had known that I shouldn't worry or be afriad of college, and the unknown isn't a bad thing but something that can be embraced. I wish I had known how helpful everybody is at Biola with helping people adjust to being away from home and at college. I wish I hadn't worried, stressed out, or been scared but had been excited before I left home.


From the bottom of my heart, I can honestly say that I wish I had more of a background in Christianity, and that Momma always knows what's best. By jumping from a public high school to a private Christian University was a major transition. There were times in Bible class I was lost because I never heard the story of Peter and the sons of Zebedee. It has been one of the greatest challenges, but the most humbling, and rewarding experience I could ever imagine. As for the young, naive, high school prancers-- Momma always knows what's best.


Before I had come to Biola, I wish I had been prepared for the fact that it would completely change my life and my worldview. They always say that you really "find" yourself in college, that it is the time of your life when you break free from your parents and truly own your personal ideas and beliefs. What I didn't know was that the process of becoming my own person would completely rock my world - in a good way. I didn't know that it would be the most challenging - and the most rewarding - time of my life.


Coming from a high school that was bursting with school spirit, I wish that I would have known the level of school pride of a typical Biola student. The overall spirit is about on the same level of the school spirit for a middle school. It's there, but not a driving force that leads to packed stands and lost voices. Granted, this piece of information would not have lead me away from choosing Biola, but it would've been a nice heads up when I attended the first game finding the students sitting down and not vigorously cheering.


I wish I had known how living in California would be so different than Flagstaff, Arizona. It is much more materialistic and I don't like that.


I wish I would have known that the surrounding area is filthy and gets really boring after a while. It is an endless mirage of the same fast-food joints and B grade strip malls. There is no college town to speak of unless you want to drive 20 miles in any dierction. I also wish i'd have known that the general education is sub-par and that the facilities and cafeteria were also sub-par. The facilities are not worth the high private school prices we pay. The campus is aesthetically boring and unpleasant to live in.


I wish that I would have further explored my financial aid options before coming to this school. I relied too much on student loans, and wish I would have given myself the opportunity to acquire more scholarships and grants. The debt I have received while being enrolled in school is pretty intense, but totally worth it!


There is not anything that I can think of.


Which dorm to live in to most friends.


I wish I had developed more of a responsible lifestyle.


I wish I'd known about the "weeder" science classes used to cull the less scientifically apt from the pre-nursing program. That way I could have entered with a different major and perhaps even double-majored. As it was, I got creamed by a killer anatomy class, lost my original academic scholarship because the class destroyed my gpa, and had to switch my major anyway.


I wish that I had known how it is not as "university-like" as larger, public universities where students are more independent.


How easy it was to goof around and not do well in classes. I have reveived several bad grades in classes because I was not entirely focused on school.