Biola University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the community of professors, administration, and fellow students that truly care about one another. This unique group of people creates an environment where one feels safe. This safety allows one to experience successs as well as failure while acknowledging that those are both a healthy part of the proccess of growing up.. At Biola, regardless of what season one is currently experiencing in life, one is assured that there is a great community surrounding them that wants to help them reach goals and potential in every way they can.


Biola University's Cinema and Media Arts program is excellent. In a few short months, my knowledge of cinematography has already grown in ways I had never imagined. Professors want to see you improving in every aspect of filmmaking, including the ones they do not teach. Other students have been eager to help out with film projects and collaborate on their assignments. Numerous oppertunities for internships and on set experience are offered, both on campus and in Hollywood. In short, Biola is my path to sucess as a filmmaker.


I am an incoming transfer student for the Fall 2014 semester, so I do not have any experience to share yet.


The professors are genuinely caring and the student body is for the most part friendly. BIOLA is a gemienshaft, an intimate community. The vibe that one recieves from simply walking through the paved roads of the university is like none other. Even when I was only a freshman in high school visiting the campus, I knew I wanted to attend that school. The university transmits a feeling of family and home.


My favorite thing about Biola is that I feel like I learn outside of the classroom as much as I learn inside of the classroom. Yes, Biola has been a great place for me to gain head knowledge, but I feel like I am also learning so many invaluable lessons from people other than my professors. The people around me challenge me to be someone I could be proud of. My fellow classmates have taught me so much about positively interacting with people, relating with those around you, and supporting and challenging the people you care about.


The best thing about my school is the willingness of the staff to do their best in helping students to acheive their dreams. My conversations with admissions counselors and financial aid officers have been extremely helpful and impactful.


It is a school based arround Christian princapale. Wven befor being accepted when ever I would visit the campus and need help anyone in a 10 foot raidus would more than happy to help. There is a strong sense of family on campus and everyone gets along well. BIOLA builds leaders for tomorrow.


The commmunity is great. Fromt the first moment you step on campus you can feel a welcoming sensation knowing that it's where you belong. They encourage you and give you a helping hand when you need it. Overall the community is like a sisterhood & brotherhood lending a hand whenever you need it.


The best thing about Biola University is the Christian environment. It allows me to not only fouse on my academic life, but also my spiritual life. The both administrators and students share the same faith which makes it a more easier for everyone to understand eachother.


Biola Univeristy is a private Christian school that is dedicated to the integration of faith and learning. In today's world, people see academics and religion as unrelated. Going against the norm, Biola teaches its students how all majors and fields of study relate to God and the Bible. It allows you to see how you can use your future career to follow God's will and give Him the glory. How cool is that?


Overall, the best thing about my school is the fact that their main focus is on God. Of course academics are an important part of this school, but God comes first in this all things here. The entire campus is filled with good vibes and makes me feel safe and welcomed.


Biola has an awesome Christian community. It is easy to make lifelong friends who love to have fun and encourage one another. The community is also very school-spirited which can be loads of fun at school events. At Biola I love feeling right at home with a group of close friends that encourage me spiritually and have the same set of morals that I do. As a community we have so much fun together!


Everything is within walking distance, so that's a HUGE convenience. We also have a small, but beautiful olive grove which is great for studying, doing devotionals, or just hanging out! But I think the thing that makes this campus stand out the most is the huge Jesus mural on the side of the science building. Honestly, it freaks people out a little at first, but you'll get used to it in a week or so. :)


The learning environment is very positive and helpful. You not only grow acedemically but you are also challeneged in growing wiser in regards to relationships. I believe this is the best thing for me because of my Intercultural Studies major. I will have to be interacting with many types of people and Biola sets the training ground there.


There are so many godly and encouraging people who truly care about you, both faculty and students. It is a spiritually rich environment that cultivates growth in all aspects of life, especially in combination with academics.


The best part about Biola is the community. It is so easy to get involved and because everyone has at least some of the same views on life, it is even easier to make friends on a deeper level. Everyone is very supportive and it is a wonderful and supportive atmosphere to grow academically, emotionally and spiritually.


The most unique thing about our campus would be the people. Almost every person you pass by will greet you with a smile, wave, or friendly hello. Everyone gets along quite well, and "drama" is not seen often at Biola.


It's one of the top ranked Christian colleges in the USA. It truly lives up to a Christian standard and every single person that is on campus has a relationship with God in some speical way. The faculty and staff are all highly experienced in what they do and have a passion for a variety of different fields. I notice that people care more about what they are persuing and that they are interested in what other people are persuing also. Being apart of a Christian community means being apart of people who are kind, ambitious, and smart.


We have an outside fireplace. If that isn't unique then I don't know what is.


The Torrey Honors Institute equips students with both an extensive grasp of the classics of the Western world and an understanding of Christian theology. Torrey teaches students how to discuss and think well in Socratic style classes lead by Torrey professors. The professors that are a part of the institute are proficient teachers who care about the student's growth as an academic and as an individual confroting the confusing questions of identity and purpose.


The small size makes our school have a wonderful community. The students are friends with the faculty and there is no social circles. There is lots of diversity at the school, but it helps bring the students together by bringing all the different backgrounds together. Biola's students genuinly care about one another, their education, and having fun. There is always different activities to show different students interest or backgrounds such as poem reading nights, band nights, and students art work displayed all over campus.


The people make up the best thing about Biola University. I have never met as many genuine, caring, and mature young people in one institution as I have at the school. The racial and socio diversity of students at the school is very wide.


Comumunity between the students and Professors. The fact that you can talk about anything with your friends and teachers provides a mind set that is peaceful and safe. As a student I feel confident in that who I am and what I think are accpepted with no-biases and open arms. The community at Bioa is one of love and acceptance. It doesn't matter what you like or what you think, everyone is ready to talk to you and hear you out.


My favorite thing about Biola is the community, going to a private university where everyone shares the same beliefs makes getting along with everyone easier. Our students are like family to one another, and the teachers and staff really care about us.


Our mission statement is "equipping men and women in mind and character to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ". In every aspect of our learning journey, we are incoperating morals from our beliefs. No matter what career interest we choose, Biola teaches how to incoperate God into our job titles and lives. We are a strong community of believers and our number one goal is to glorify God together.


The biblically centered education is the best thing about Biola. Most schools only teach educational and material aspects of life, while Biola cares to nurture our spiritual lives along with our education, which provides a fulfillment that many students lack in their dissapointment with tangeable life. The education reflects the Christian lifestyle that all students and staff strive to uphold. Because everyone cares about spiritual lives, deep relationships are formed, and continual encouragement can be found as soon as you walk into any classroom from Biology to Philosophy. The academics and atmosphere on campus gives our students hope.


Biola's mission and purpose is probably the best aspect about it. Christ-centered learning is the reason that I chose this university.


Almost everyone in the school has a very friendly attitude, which comes from its Christian status. The kind nature of its students and staff was the deciding factor in my choice to come here over several other schools with film programs. The people here make it worth the cost of attending.


I like how there is a sense of unity in the school. All the students upkeep a moral standard of living; treat others with kindness and respect. Also the staff and faculty are very generous. The professors are awesome; giving their students good quality of education plus, they do show care for their students' success. Besides the academics, there are a lot of activities that students can do whether it be sports, school or dorm events, off-campus activities, and even just haning-out with friends. Finally, what makes Biola so unique is they encourage both academic and spiritual growth.


The best thing about Biola University is that all students are required to minor in biblical studies. This minor allows people to better learn to become witnesses for Christ while pursuing majors in other areas. The set up allows for those entering different professional fields to be well educated and prepared to speak about God without being directly connected to a church such as becoming a pastor. Arming those graduating from Biola with this knowledge casts a wider net in being a witness for Christ.


The best thing about Biola University is the diverse and safe community. It is an alcohol and tabacco free school and this allows students to have fun in a non-threatening environment. The small class sizes at Biola are also a huge plus because the students get to interact and build lasting relationships with their professors.


It's a really small university with amazing professors that actually want to be a part of your life and not just teach to get a salary. Everyone really cares about your relationship with God and it is the the perfect place to learn from other Christians in a safe environment. It is the perfect college experience if you want to learn about the Bible and the truths of the world.


I think that the best part of Biola University is that the staff and students care about each other. When i was sick and missed class, the professor emailed me telling me he would pick up anything I needed to get better. The students surrounded me and took care of me, and they would do it for anyone who was sick. It's amazing being around people who not only have the same beliefs and morals as I do, but they actually put them into really applicable life!


The best thing about my school is the Christian community. Everyone is willing to help each other out and support one another when they do not have the strength to do it on their own. Professors, students, and faculty are always there to help. We are one big family at Biola University. It is a school filled with love, care and fun!


The friendly Christian atmosphere. The fact that although we don't know each other, we are willing to help each other out.


I love the balance of great teachers, classes and social life at Biola. Many times I feel acutely aware of how blessed I am to attend a school with such amazing friends and faculty. I also appreciate the location of my school, although I would prefer a more open/ outdoors surrounding community, I enjoy having a large, beautiful park across the street. Considering that I live in a school in the LA suburban area, I enjoy living in the small community that is, La Mirada!


The best thing about the school is the environment. Everyone is so friendly. Students treat each other like family and there is always a great relationship between the student and the faculty.


The community because they are just so loving and friendly all around.


Its focus on the spiritual, academic, and all around wholistic development of the student as a person. The community at my school is almsot as valuabe a contributor to my education as the classes.


The community is amazing! There are a lot of great, hard working people and professors that really care about the students.


The Christian education I am getting here at Biola is the main reason I came here, instead of going to schools with much better film programs (my major) like USC or UCLA and it is the reason I continue to stay here. The Christian education is great and my film education is pretty good considering it's still a pretty new program. These, along with the fact that you won't find a nicer campus in America, are my reasons for staying at Biola although I have to sacrfice my health, preferred living style and general education for it.


Nurturing community for spiritual growth, awesome Bible classes


The community is amazing. I have made friends that will never be replaced and I will have them for life. I love that the professors and the students on this campus share the same faith and relationship with Jesus Christ and the biblically centered education is irreplaceable.


The best thing about BIOLA is that there is no one thing. It facilitates a Christian University that is set on providing the tools that Christians need indifferent of their perspective careers. Yet, undergraduates have many opportunities to encounter music, art, sports, missions, and community involvement that are all world class. Now as an alumni I see that the spirit of BIOLA continues on even though I graduated, I am still a part of the University. The education here far surpasses not just my expectations but the expectations of others.


Community. It was absolutly amazing. I loved every aspect of the friendships I made and the people I was surrounded by. The campus is amazing and perfect for creating communities that will last a life time.


Biola has stretched me in my faith through my lectures, worship, friendships and personal study. God's presence is in this campus and calls me to a higher standard. I feel that this school is preparing me for my career in psychology while applying my faith to my studies. I would not trade getting this solid Biblical education for any other school.


I enjoy the close small community that it offers, though not so small that you are not constantly meeting people who you have never seen before.


God-centered, caring, loving, community


The educational value is absolutely wonderful.