Birmingham Southern College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the intimate class sizes and pre-prpfessions programs.


This school is best known for its awesome pre-med program and business administration program


Its academics


Birmingham-Southern College is best known for its rigorous curriculum of study, the strength of its degree, its high graduation rate, and the competitiveness of its undergraduates to graduate schools. Students at this school have the ability to enter the job market out of undergraduate studies with prowess over their competition, but most students apply for post-undergraduate programs in their field of interest. 'Southern helps its students to realize their potential and to take charge of it!


This school is best known for its academics. The college retains a high rate for the number of students earning a position in their field of study within the year of graduation.


Mostly for two things. One for the Greek life, and two for the academic standing. BSC is known to be a high academic school with a lot of students participating in Greek Life.


Small student./faculty ratio, helpful professors, greek life


It's active Greek Life. Not only for the parties, but for their philanthropic involvment in the community.