Birmingham Southern College Top Questions

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Birmingham-Southern is a liberal arts college dedicated to helping shape its students into global citizens. There’s an incredible spirit on campus that inspires us to experience cultures, religions, languages and lifestyles different from our own. It teaches us to challenge ourselves and requires us to journey beyond our comfort zones. My college education at BSC has already changed my life and the direction it will take. I’m eager to immerse myself in other cultures, and I yearn for knowledge and growth. A college education is the key that will open the doors that lay before me.


The small campus size makes it more like a family; the athletes are very close, the academics challenging. Birmingham is great, but the location of the school is not the best.


It is a liberal ats college, so it is a very relaxed atmosphere and the staff will do what they can to help you with anything. Everyone knows each other it seems because it is a small-ish campus.


Birmingham Southern College greatly expanded my world view. While a student at BSC, I traveled to over 15 countries. BSC literally made my dreams come true. While I may spend a good portion of my life paying back the loans it took to keep me there, I will always cherish my experience at BSC and I know that I wouldn't have had the same wonderful college experience anywhere else.


The classes here have a small student to teacher ratio, that keeps learning at a max.


The close knit community it provides and the liberal arts eduation it offers.