Birmingham Southern College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The location in Birmingham. Luckily, it is surrounded by a gate and campus security is very good. However, we were told to travel at least fifteen minutes when going off campus before stopping somewhere.


Since my father was died when i was at grade 8th ,i am suffering by different proplems .From the most proplems i have nto get enough mony to fulfil my basic neddes including my close,stetionaries etc . Secondly in our country the studentes do not get the field what they want simply the geovernment give some cours to study maens that now i am studing the field which is not my attitude. Besid this here inmy country we have not any laboratorical instrumentes and equpments.So i am not getting the basic skil in my educatoin.


I honestly haven't found anything I don't like about BSC. Of concern to me and my mom late last summer, though, was the announcement that due to past accounting errors, the school would be cutting 1/5 of its budget (approx $10 million), with cutbacks including the phasing out of 5 majors and the layoff of 51 staff members. It was an interesting and uncertain time for me to start my college career but BSC's students, alumni and faculty, as well as the community at large, rallied 'round.


The school places a strong emphasis on diversity and multiculturalism, but many faculty and students can be hostile to Christian beliefs. The campus seems more concerned about getting a long than the truth.


There are a heavy number of fraternity and sorority members and this can sometimes feel a bit overbearing for those who have chosen not to join a Greek society. As a student who has chosen not to 'go Greek,' I have found that while I do have friends who are involved in Greek life, they seem to be very exclusive to other 'non-Greek students. However, that has not kept me from making friends at Birmingha-Southern College. There is so much for me to do and to get involved in that it is hard not to make friends.


The worst thing about my school is it is not diverse. Minorities such as African-Americans may often feel left out and unwelcome.


The worst thing is that the food options are very limited. Vegetarians have very few options, and it is difficult to eat healthily when few dorms have ovens and the few that do don't have access to healthier food to prepare.


The worst thing about the school is the technology and the paperwork needed to get anything done. I feel like there is so much red tape to even get the most simple thing changed and the technology is so far behind.


The classes and papers are tough.