Black Hills State University Top Questions

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The location I attended was a Community Center so other colleges could take coursese there as well.


Offers classes on Ellsworth AFB as well as on campus. School specializes in mining. Sociology department is awesome.


We have the best buffet line compared to any college that I have been at. The some of the professors came to the orientation and were very honor to be there. The professors make you believe that you can accomplish any goal that you have. The class size is just right and gives you more one on one with the professors. We only have a couple of lecture halls compared to other schools that have many. Overall I believe it was the best choice for me compared to any of the other schools I visited.


The surrounding area is beautiful. The black hills have lots of things to do.


This school is very outdoor oriented. If you have an interest in anything involving hiking, scenery, camping, hunting, etc. this is the place.