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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My high school self was very dedicated to course work and being involved in the school atmoshpere. After about 7 months, 9 hours later, and one semester down, I would honestly tell my high school self to keep being ambitious, don't feel bad about staying home to study, you know what you want in like with your education so keep pursuing your passion. I would do the same things with my coursework, except high school me should have taken a math class senior year for college credit that way less money would have been spent on fall semester. But I would say I've always been an encouraged indiviual with homework and education and I wouldn't want my high school self to change that at all. The hardwork is well worth the success that has followed me through today in college.


I have been in college for 2 years now and I have received alot of information from people plus I have learned alot myself. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I'd have alot of insight to give myself. First I would tell myself that making friends should not be my first priority, school should be. High school is alot different from college. In college your classes are first come first serve its not like in high school where they will just put you in a class even if there is no room. You also have to do everything you can to get as much monetary assistance as possible because being in college is not cheap and it is not easy having to come out of pocket to have to pay for your eduaction. With that being said you should not spend all your time partying because if you happen to flunk out of college that's it all your money is gone and you won't be able to go back to that school. That is the best information you can give a high school senior in my opinion.


If I could advise myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to start my search early. I would start by searching for colleges that offer the degree I would want to achieve. I would then narrow my search down to location where I would want to go. After that I would submit my applications to any and all the colleges I would be interested in attending. After getting accepted I would be searching for as many possible scholarships, grants, and other funds I could possibly use to help with furthering my education. I would like to visit the colleges before orientation. I would advise myself to explore the town as well as the campus. It would be a good idea to check out the statistics for students that graduate from the school versus those who attend the school. Keeping track of dates and deadlines is another key point in the college search. Making sure all deadlines are met will help insure a better experience and a lot less stress. Having a schedule of when things are due and when I am able to complete this tasks would have made finding the right college for me much easier.


Yara Nicole, I know you have Senioritis, but don’t you fret. I’ve found a cure! Take a large lack of college money, a small amount of time, and a heaping helping of reality and SNAP OUT OF IT! Now that you’ve been cured, you can get down to work. Fill out those scholarship applications. Study for your S.A.T. You’ve worked hard in school and you’re letting the important stuff slide right by. Starting college is a little scary and stressful to say the least, but fortunately it gets easier as you go. Take it day by day. Stay focused. If you have questions, ask. If you need help, find it. Eat healthy and sleep well. Trust me, it helps. One last thing to never forget; tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, and another opportunity to make the best of yourself. You can do this!


Take the scholarship and take your education seriously--it can really make a difference in future outcomes. Even if you are unsure about your career path, college opens your eyes to new possibilities. Each course adds a new 'lens' through which you view the world. Make each course count and do your level best. Friends made in college can become your professional network once you reach the work force.


If I could go back to my last year of high school and give myself advice I would have to say, “Do not worry so much!” I was very scared to make the transition from high school to college. I was doing everything I could to be as prepared as possible from getting outstanding grades to applying for scholarships to attending many college orientations. Many of my high school teachers seemed to make me a little fearful of the switch. They would say, “Those are the grades that really matter.” and “You need to be completely focused on studying because many events will want to pull you away.” I should have known to trust myself a little more. I have always been very anal about my grades and any work that I turn in. In addition, for the most part I am very focused on studying and put that before my job and my fun time. I think of school as if it is my future because that is what school is really all about.


When life throws you lemons make lemonade. In high school you excelled academically but you will have a harder time in college, due to unforeseen circumstances and real life situations with work, family, finances and friends. In high school you are more removed from these real world problems and it is easier to focus on your studies. That will not be the case in college. Overcome your introverted ways and SPEAK to your professors. They're not as intimidating as they seem 1 on 1. It is very important for your future education and graduate school to develop long standing relationships with your college professors. Utilize studying in groups and test reviews put on by the professors, they are irreplaceable. Have fun, but not too much fun. There will always be time for socializing but school should be your number one priority and "everybody is doing it" is NOT an excuse. Enjoy college while it lasts. You will look back on it as one of your fondest memories and establish life long friendships. Even though you are tired of studying and four years seems like an eternity... it is over in the blink of an eye.


The semester that I've had at Black Hills State University has given me one thing predominately: strength. I'm depressed and in need of professional help psychologically and mentally, and my time at BHSU has given me a chance to heal because I have access to that help. Although classes gave me quite a struggle in my first semester, the fact that I passed them with flying colors gives me the courage to continue on with my education. The staff at BHSU are very caring towards students who are open and honest with what is going on, and if it wasn't for them, I am certain that I would not have done as well as I did.


Being in college for a year, I have gotten more independence. I also know that every semster that I have finished is another step to my carrer goal, which is to become a registered nurse. To me, it has been really valuable to attend collge so that I can make a better future for not only myself, but for my family. My grandparents has been taking care of me since I was 2 years of age. They planned on retireing this year but because I am in college they felt that I need to focus on school and not get a job so they are working to pay for the left over of my tution and books. I am getting my degree to finally take care of them so that they can finally retire. I am also a single mother and I would love to prove to my son that you can still reach your goals even with bumps in the road, like getting pregant at a young age. This scholarship will help pay for the left over of the tution that I have to pay out of pocket and it would cover my book expenses for two semesters.


I got 2 Bachelor of Science Degrees in Professional Accountancy and Business Management. I received a job with a multinational entity upon graduation. I can now go back to college for my master's in accountancy and eventually PhD.


I would be more involved in school activities. I didn't participate in an school activities and it would look better on my college applications and I think more activities would make me a stronger person, less shy and it would have helped me make friends in college. I would have also took the time to fill out as many scholarship applications as I could. I spent my time hanging out with friends and neglecting my schooling. When it came time to go to college, and it was even community college, I wasn't aware of how expensive school was and the amount of scholarships out there if I took the time to fill them out. I would have taken more AP classes. I decided to have an easy senior year instead of working on harder classes that would have helped me in the long run.


My experience at this college has been interesting, but I eventually found out that I need to go somewhere else to fulfill my career goals. Never the less I would tell me this: "You going to find that you want to do something else with your life. Your going to want to be an artist, my boy. Even though this will occur, go to this college, this 'Black Hills State", anyway. You will meet great people and have experiences that you will never forget, and lessons that you never knew you needed. The only thing I want you to do different is express youself more. Proclaim what you like with pride. Show off your art with pride. Show YOU YOURSELF with pride. You do this, and you can leave this college in 2 years with not only a smile on your face, but with great confidence in your abilities and your person as a whole."


My best advice for a high school student considering college is to not stress out. Chose a school that best suits you and offers everything you want out of your college experience. Remember to have fun but to not let the fun get in the way of your school work. Stay focused and you will become very successful.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that I needed to keep doing what I was doing academically. I should really try a little harder on my ACT and SAT's, they will help me in the future. I would also tell myself that I should try to concentrate more on applying for colleges and the scholarships I qualify for. I qualify for more scholarships than I realize just get online and look up all the information. Going to college is not easy make sure you do not commit to a full time job before you start your classes, its not easy to keep up on both. Have college your full priority and make sure you are ready for the commitment, you are ready just stay focused.


I would tell myself to take a chemistry class for sure. Also, I'd tell myself to shadow people and figure out what interests me and get more involved in my learning.


Don't pretend you don't need a planer you will. Also fill out your FAFSA on time. Don't be hard on yourself, you will make friends it will just take some time. The best friends you can make are upperclassmen and some dorm mates, not your RA.


College is the best life path you can take. Sometimes it is overwhelming and scary but you can do this. Entering college is not an easy process. You will have to work harder than you have your entire life. Most of the work will be up to you and help is not the same that you recieved in high school. Help is available but you have to work for it. You have to make it happen. Parents are not always there to lead you. Now it is up to you to make your goals happen. Apply yourself to every scholarship essay, every application will bring you closer to your goals. Study at any opportunity. Grade point average is essential in college. If you choose not to, you could end up paying for it, literally. The worse your GPA is the less help you could recieve for the next semester. Attitude is everything. Something as simple as a smile could make the diffence between an aquaintance and a best friend. Step outside of your comfort zone and do things that you wouldn't do normally. College is an amazing experience that will propel you into the life of your dreams.


Go to class, it makes a world of difference! Take good notes and if you need help don't be afraid to ask for it, the professors are there to help you learn! Don't be shy, make a lot of friends. Don't be afraid to be yourself, the people at BHSU are very warm and accepting. They get to know the person for who they are and not just the look of the person. Do you homework that night and take your quizzes as soon as you can. Most of all HAVE FUN! You are only a freshman in college once!


Really learn the pros and cons of going to college. Do a compair contract with all the colleges and think of the entire campus as a "home", because for the next 9 months you'll be living there. Once you figure out what college you want, and you get accepted, take it all in. Hang out with people, make new friends, do some activites on campus, hit the gym, meet as many people in your dorm as possible and try to make friends in your classes. I can't say this enough... just BE INVLOVED. You are sinking thousands of dollars into this place, might as well have the most fun as you can. While having fun, don't forget to study. Granted the first year might feel like high school, but this is college. You no longer have a daily grade or participation grades anymore, but you have three tests... and that is it for some classes. Play hard but study as hard. Your studying for a future career... why not become the best you can be in it by doing your best in class?


Choosing the right college is an important decision students and parents need to make. My advice would be to give yourself enough time. You should never rush into picking a college. When deciding on a certain school, visit and explore what they have to offer. Another factor to consider is how far away is it from home. If you don't think you can be that far from home than reconsider because the last thing you want is to not be able to focus on school because you are home sick. After you have choosen the school of your choice you want to make sure you make the most of it. You have to remember that everyone is new and is afraid to meet new friends. Your not the only one nervous about being a freshman is school. Meet new friends and join on campus activities. It is a great way to meet new people and make memories.


Go somewhere cheaper the first year so you don't waste your money if you do poorly, and take the classes seriously.


Do precisely what you want is the single most important thing to look at. If you are pressured into going into a field of study that you don't care for you'll do badly and want to become a homicidal maniac.


Dear Student, As an active member of Black Hills State University community, I would like to offer some advice on choosing the right college for You and how to make it Your Home. When it comes to choosing a college, I would like to advise that you do not pick a college solely based on the fact that your friends or family want you to go there. Choose a college that reflects You and Your passions. Research as much as you can about potential colleges and when you've become partial to a select few, go for a visit! From personal experience, I can tell you that just a single campus tour can change your mind. Now that you have chosen the best college for You, I would like to give some advice on how to now make it a Home. Remember that you decided to choose this college because it will give you the Best Education in pursuing Your Dreams. Enjoy it and take advantage of this extreme education! Next, I highly encourage getting involved on campus. It helps you create everlasting relationships and gives you a reason to say, "I Matter!" With all my best, A Helping Hand


When deciding what college to attend many considerations need to be made. The most important questions to ask yourself are: What makes you happy?, What are my educational goals?, and What are my social goals?. While asking yourself these questions, make a list of your hopefully numerous answers. The next step is to research what different colleges have to offer you as well as the surrounding area. If you are an outdoors person, do not go somewhere where there are few outdoor opportunities, and if you are shopper, do not go to a rural area. Also make sure that the college you choose has majors available that interest you, so that if you decide to switch your major you do not have to transfer.


College is a great time of your life. I don't regret a moment of my time in college. There are some things both students and parents need to consider. How far is the distance needed to travel? What are the fees for in-state or out-of-state tuition? Are the professors and advisors helpful and resourceful? Also, when you decide to move off campus, students should consider how much they are going to spend for rent and groceries and so forth? Also, make sure to check your scholarships and make sure that you are meeting requirements and maintain the GPA required by them. While college is essentially school, its also a great way to have fun. Remember that while you are cramming and studying, you need to get out and have fun. Check out local attractions and tourist sites, local restaurants and popular hangout sites. College is such a fantastic opportunity and you should make the most of it. I don't regret a moment of the 3 and half years I have spent here and I have met great lifelong friends. Just remember to have fun and deadlines, and you will be just fine.


The only thing that I can say is that any one who is trying to find the right college and making the most of it. In that they should go base on degree they want and how they feel when they visit the college.


Determine what you want to do and find a school that has been training people in that field for a long time. You will benefit from the expertise accumulated.




Take the time to find a college where the student feels they can truly be themselves. Finding a college that offers courses in every or almost every subject that your student enjoys is definitely worth the search. When you do find that special college, be sure to be yourself and reach out to others who will make you feel like you are becoming your own. Feel free to find your passion and don't be afraid to pursue it. It is definitely worth it in the long run.


Make sure that your child is ready and willing to go to school. You will waste your money and his/her time if the student isn't mentally prepared/ready for what college is really about. College is not for partying, it is for learning, and many freshman get very excited about being away from home for their first time and go a bit wild, just make sure your child is dedicated to their school work.


to all the parents I say this, your child is now an adult do not try to sway their desision in major or school to attend. they no what is going to make them most happy. Students, stay calm, everything will be fine. You will know in your gut what is the right place and major when u need to.


There are many different career opportunities the world has to offer, choosing where you attend college would have a lot to do with what you would like to do. For instance, an individual who would like to go into a field of engineering would not attend a school that mainly educates teachers. Part of the college experience is meeting new people and stepping outside your comfort zone to create friendships, so don't choose a place just because a friend will be there. The weather can play a large role when it comes to deciding whether of not you want to go to class. So if the cold weather stops you from going to class, a warmer place might be the answer. The size of the campus can also be the reason to choose a campus, for someone who is overwhelemd easily a smaller campus would be more suitable. Someone who likes adventure and larger busier places, a larger campus may suit them better. There are many factors that will be the make or break point in choosing where to continue your education, these are only a few of the many.