Blackburn College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who wants to be fully engaged in all of their school and extra curricular activities. A person who wants their professors to know who they are and a person who wants to contribute not only to the college but to the community. Blackburn students have a mandatory work program of 10hours/week that is applied to the final tuition cost. A person attending Blackburn should have a strong work ethic.


This school requires a person who is outgoing and someone who is aggressive. A student here cannot go through this school hoping to just sit in the shadows and be a number. This school does not have a high enrollment number so hiding as a number will not work because people WILL know you and you WILL have to be active. Blackburn College is full of enthusiastic students as well as staff and, for a liberal arts college, it compells a student's mind to go beyond their major and use all of their classes in future success.


I honestly do not know "what kind of person should attend this school" because Blackburn is as diverse in thought and appearance as any large-size university. Anyone wanting an amazing, academically-sound, post-high school education should look into Blackburn College.


The kind of person that likes really small communities. The type of person that values and doesn't mind working. The type of person that is willing to put effort in to get the good stuff out.


Any kind of person is able to attend this school. At the moment, there are students from all over the United States, students from canada, and also Africa. It is very diverse and the friendships made last a lifetime. We have our students who are technically advanced, the sports athletes, average students, students from a rural, country lifestyle, and students from the larger cities including Chicago, St. Louis, and New York City.