Blackhawk Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I had to prepare myself for my college career, I would have prepared myself very differently. I didn't know what I wanted to go to school for, so applying for schools and filling out majors got pretty confusing. I ended up blinding signing up for a major that was completely wrong for me. I knew after the first semester that it was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I knew it wasn't right but I still didn't know what it was I wanted to do either. If I were the person I am today back when I was in high school, I would tell myself that it is 100% okay to not have a specific goal immediately following graduation. I would tell myself that it is much more important to find something that you are passionate about than having to barely make it through the day doing something you hate. I truly believe that it is possible to love your job and be successful in life if you only take the time to realize what that thing is and go after it with all you have.


Study harder. Actually do your homework. Try. You do NOT want to redo those 14 years of dead end jobs between high school and college. Imagine where you could be by the time you are thirty if you applied yourself in high school and went to college right away instead of waiting until mid thirties to get a career. College (and high school) is rough, but you are a smart young woman. you can be successful if you just put your mind to it.


First I want to begin by saying I didn't complete high school I got had a baby at age 16. With that being said I can't tell you what I would say to myself as a senior but I can tell you what I would say to myself as a high school student. If I could go back and talk to myself I would tell myself to stay focuse and listen to my teachers because they are there to help me. I wish that I would have hung around more postive people and I would tell myself to take advantage of all the things that school has to offer especially my sex education class. I would not have taken for grant that I had outstanding teachers who told me that you can make something of your life although I took a the wrong road in life as a child but I am back on track and there are somethings that are hard for me but I will always remember that the choices that I make today will change the path I take tomorrow. I love college I just wish I would have started sooner.


I would tell myself to go to college, straight from high school and plan for the future at a young age. I would have completed a career back then.


If I could go back to High School and give myself advice, I would advise myself to work harder and make better grades. I would have not had my daughter as early as I did, because this has made my overall college experience harder. The lack of extra time for studying and homework while taking care of her. I would have prepared better by applying for scholarships, listened to counselors on what courses i should take, and would have been a better student. Another thingI would have given advice to myself on would be to obtain a job while in school. This would have given me the financial means to purchase the items I need for college. Financial problems create undue stress while working toward the goals set by me and the college. I neglected the most important things I needed. These things included good sleeping habits, healthy diet, exercise, and the peace of mind necessary for learning. I also would not have participated in activites that were unhealthy for my body and my brain. Determination to succeed should have been my goal. Success in high school, leads to success in college, which then leads to success in life.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself to be prepared and think things through carefully. I would tell myself to find a part-time job before heading into college. Also I would tell myself that if you dont get a part-time job first then you'll be broke after the first few months of college. Lastly I would tell myself to think things through carefully. I would tell myself to ask questions such as: "Is this what I want?", "Can I afford something like this?", "Will I be willing to keep going even though things get rough?", etc. All of this would I tell myself if I could go back in time and talk to my high school self.


As a high school, senior, i would have made the decision to continue schooling straigh out of high school. Waiting as long as I have, has slowed my progress down. Had I continued my education straight out of high school, I could have been finished with my schooling and have a career. Now I have 2 kids and am struggling day to day to make things happen for them. College life now is just tougher trying to study, homework and balance everyday family life. However, with all of that being said, I would not change anything because it has made me who I am today.


If I was still a high school senior, I would tell myself to pick out the people in life that are holding me back. There are people that will help or hinder you, so you need to know that you have to help yourself before others. I would also tell myself not to wait too long until starting school or you'll regret it in the long run. Remember time is money, and the longer you wait, the less money you will earn. It's also okay to start school without knowing what career choice to decide, eventually you'll figure out the best for yourself.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to never give up. I would advise myself to stay focused and to keep pushing through all my adversities. I would let myself know that although things may seem like they will never get better that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I would tell myself that even when it seems like no one is supporting me, my hugest support system has always been myself. I would encourage myself and give myself every reason to believe that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I would love and ensure myself that I am worthy of everything that I feel I want out of this life. I would tell myself to get rid of all doubt and keep my head up at all times.


I wouldn't change things that happened in my life, but I would have changed the timing. I had my daughter at a very young age (15 yrs) therefore quitting school at the end of the 8th grade. I stayed at home with my daughter and raised her as a single parent until I was married at 21. As a result of my marriage came along two other children. I was not able to complete high school or receive my GED until 1990. Due to finances, I was still not able to pursue my education in the medical field. Now that my kids are grown and on their own, I am pursuing a career in medical assissting. Money is still tight, but I am determined to continue my education. So, as I said, I would not change anything, but I would advise myself to stay away from boys, concentrate on school, pursue college and a career, get married, then have my three beautiful children.


I would say to my self, Alisha " college will do nothing but give you a better career in life." Sure it will be scary when you first start out. The best thing to remember is that you will be the first in your family to finish school. Not only once you finish your degree are you guareented a new begining, but you will also make the rest of your life easier. They only way to get a stable life for yourself once you are elderly is college. While others may think oh just being a manager somewhere is good, it can always be better. Take the average joe who makes 50,000 a year. If they had a degree for the field they were in they could make up to twice the money. It is all about bettering yourself one step farther than if you had not gained the knowledge. College is also a good life expieriance. Teaching you to be more preductive and set goals to reach for in life.


Just because your parents told you that you wouldn't be good at something doesn't mean that it is true. Don't be afraid to try something just because of what someone else tells you. Even if you were bad at something earlier doesn't mean that you can't succeed at it now. Always be open to opportunities and possibilities, you may just find a new passion.


If I could travel back in time and deliver some sage advice to my 18 year old self concerning the choices that will affect my future, I would surely have enough information to fill a novel or two, or three! However, I would emphasize the importance of choosing a career that has a limitless future as well as being something that I could enjoy doing and take pride in for the rest of my days. An education is useful only if; you can take advantage of it, enjoy what you learn, and if it will constantly evolve over time. Whether you seek an Associates degree or a Doctorate, the institutional aspect of education is merely a stepping stone in what will become a lifetime of learning. I would advise myself to create a 20 year life plan that would help me choose a suitable career path. Set obtainable goals for those 20 years and evaluate my progress after the first 10. It's far easier to change paths or modify your progression in your younger years than it is later in life. Finally, be studious...there will be plenty of time to "kick up my heals" later in life.


As a returning student, I have contemplated this question many of times. What would I have done different? I would tell myself to take my education seriously. At the time I graduated high school, I started at an assembly plant making more money than I ever had in my entire life, but I had not been around long enough to know how unstable the autoindustry could be. Now I know that jobs will come and go and the only thing that allows one person to stand out from the rest is the education and skills one possesses. I would tell myself to enjoy the college expierence and get that education; life will pass you by quickly and you may end up searching for a job at thirty something wishing you had taken the opportunity more seriously than you ever did. As an older student now, I would tell my younger self to be assertive, punctual, and always be on time. Future employers look for these aspects in their employees. Seeing that I graduated in nineteen ninety I might tell myself to also invest in the internet. (It couldn't hurt, right?)


At the start of my senior year, while still living at home, I would have made myself save every dollar I made. I am not receiving any government assistance of financial aid for my college tuition, I'm paying it all on my own. I only have about 1/5 of the amount of money I'll need for my tuition once I've completed my associate degree, so I should have saved more while I had the chance.


Looking back to my senior year of High School, Some advice i would have given myself would be to focus more and take time to do assignments thouroughly. Take things more seriously cause after high school you are kind of on your own, and you will have to make the decision rather you will want to be succesful or fail. I would also have said that sometimes in order to achieve things you might have to let go some things as well, such as friends and other things that are distracting you from getting ahead.