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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Junior college has prepared me for university level college by showing me what to expect and getting me used to the atmosphere with a moderate challenge but not too difficult. It has been valuable to me because the small classes have allowed me to make friends and communicate with others in my classes that I know.


The first thing I learned from this college experience is that I was now on my own. It was time out for all of the high school games and cherades and time to straighten up and get my work. My mother is no longer my "crutch". Everything I do from here on out is on me. Im on my own and that hit me hard the first day of class. I got used to it because I know in the long run everything would be okay. I am currently a sophomore in college and right now, everything is awesome. The work is hard but I am in it to WIN it. I have plans to become a pediatrician, provide for my son, and help others with their children. Without an education, you may go far, but probably not as far as you want. So I encourage everyone to go to school and get an education. Put effort into the work and at the end it will pay off.


Education is a life long process. I have been in college since I graduated high school. I started going to a community college full time, then I recieved my Paramedic license. I worked full time and attended school part time for a while in anticipation of going to Nursing School also. I have seen a lot of things in my career and education. There are always new people and new opinions to learn from. My experiences with college have matured me in a lot of ways. Ultimately I learned how to conform to other points of view that may not necessarily reflect your own. When I graduate I will have gained just as much educational knowledge as I have life experience, but the learning will continue. There are always opportunities to advance one's mind.


So far I have received alot of valuable education that I need to graduate in the profession that I am in. I have been an LPN for several years and feel that I can complete my BSN in Nursing.


I would change nothing. I am a strong believer in fate. Everything in life happens for a reason. Whatever happend as a highschool senior happened for a reason, so I would not go back and change anything.