Blinn College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It's ok to tak ebaby steps into the college life. Just because you dont start at a 4-year university doesnt mean you wont end up there. Be proactive, go to class, put in the work and you will succeed.


Do not wait for what you are meant to do to find you. It probably won't be where you expect to find it, but you still must find it. Get out there and take risks, do things that you might not do well, and above all, simply try things. Along the way you will learn things about yourself that you never expected. You will find hidden strengths. You will also find hidden weaknesses but learning to compensate for them and grow will be one of the most enriching and fulfilling things you will ever do. Do not worry too much about what other people think of you. At the end of the day, you cannot change other people's opinions of you. And if you simply live in the best way you know how and do the best you can, if someone insists on having a poor opinion of you, what they think does not matter anyway.


I would tell my high school self to at least take a year off instead of 6. The transition wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Don't forget to enjoy life as a teenager and learning different things. Do not, I repeat, do not underestimate yourself and what you can do. Stand up for what you believe in and never back down from who you really are. Do not let anyone discourage you, surround yourself with those who really want what is best for you, your family. Work your butt off and smile at everyone. No matter how you feel on the inside treat others with love and repect, most importantly your parents, teachers and peers. Hold your tongue when you need to and be positive at all times. Remember YOU CAN DO IT!


I would tell myself to look closer at the core classes. I would need for my degree and to look further into my degree. As well as to reconsider my degree and what career I want to go into. Apply for more loans and sholarships.


As a highschool student, all I wanted to do is get out! Who cares about what classes I took and what clubs I participated in. I was ready to graduate. The night that I would finally be away from all the kids who gave me a hard time in school. As I look back, I should have listened to people who told me to take the time and enjoy highschool. This advice would have helped me in highschool. "You are there to better yourself, not to impress someone. "They aren't going to be there for you when times are hard. Do this for you and enjoy what you do. Be postive and think postive." If I had a chance to go back, I would take a variety of classes instead of taking the easy way out. Yes, I did take advance classes, but classes like computer science or interior design so I could get a feel of other fields. If I did that, I think I would have had a clear path when deciding on a major. But, we all learn from our mistakes. I can't change the past, but I can change the future.


If I were to go back in time and talk yo myself I would tell my self to study more. Because my high school didn't really prepare me for college so I harly cracked a book in high school. My first semester in college was definately an eye opener.


My advice would be to always be positive. The application process was a time where I would stress, be cranky, and not fully enjoy my senior year of high school, but looking back now the added pressure was not needed. I wish I would have enjoyed life more during that time because before I knew it I was packing my bags for college and wishing I would have spent more time with my family, saw my best friend one last time, attended the last basketball game of my senior year and so on. Life moves so fast and experiences fly by that there is no time to worry about stuff out of my control. A friend of mine quotes, "Worrying is like a rocking gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere." I would tell myself to get out of that chair and run as fast as I could. I would constantly remind my high school self that things don't always go according to plan, but it does not mean what's coming next is not the right thing just a different path/ plan. My future is in my hands, but a mystery even to myself!


If I were able to talk to myself and give myself advice, I would tell myself to stay in class and that even though school isnt your thing, college is something that will help you get better job opportunites. Staying in school will pay off in the long run. Don't let anyone bring you down or talk down on you, whatever you do is ypur decision, but choose wisely


If I could go back and talk to my self I would most likely tell myself not to worry because college will be the fine. I would tell myself not to worry about the transition from high school to college because it is not as drastic of a change as everyone made it sound like. If i could go back and talk to my self I would tell myself to do more scholarships and not wait till the end to do them. I would tell myself to take care of them early and as soon as possible because every dollar helps. The final thing that I would have to tell myself is to enjoy your last year of high school because once its done you can never go back. To just do everything you ever wanted to do and to make the most of it. I would tell myself that it is okay to step outside my comfort area because when you do you will find your true self.


My first peice of advise would be to not procrastinate. I've learned now, that waiting til the last minute to get things done is not the way to go. When you have time to get thigns done or study, use it. Don't waste the time, it doesn't come back. The second would be to really listen to others and what they are going to school for. I've changed my mind numerous times and I love hearing what others are going to school for to see if it might be something I would be interested in.


I would tell myself to do what I want, and not try to make everyone happy. It is my college career and apply to the colleges that meet my needs, and that I am happy with. I would also tell myself to keep an open mind about everything, and only take classes that go towards my major. I would also say that band is a waste of time, because it pertains in no way too my major. Thus, just taking up precious time, even though it gives out a scholarship. Work hard right away to get a good start and a good GPA to carry on throught your college career. Other than that i would just warn myself of all the applications for scholarships, and the need for financial aid, because you will need it.


As I look back in time and contemplate my senior days in high school I can only beat myself up over how college would be today had I listened to my peers and applied to any and all colleges and possible scholarships. The entire year I was told over and over again not to procrastinate on prepping myself for college. Little did I know it would effect me later on. I?m a college sophomore applying to the college of my dreams, which is Texas A&M University. As it stands the financial funds that my mom and myself can provide will most definitely not cover my tuition and just might be the thing that stands in the way of me reaching my goal. I can only wish that I had applied as a senior when I had the right credentials to get me in and me get me the scholarships I needed. My advice now is to hang in there and apply for all scholarships that I qualify for and try my hardest to get into Texas A&M University. With the help of your scholarship I feel ill be getting a second chance to do what was intended.


I will tell to myself to get involved with the university activities in the first 2 years. There are many groups that you can join beside fraternities that can develop not only friendships but also social experiences which helps the future live, specially in your working life counting as extra curricular activities. Trying to live close to the university because you can probably have a semester with classes that you have to be there in different time during the day, this makes your day easier because you can easily go to your place in no time instead if waiting all day on campus. It will be good if you can start looking for a job since you get there because it gives you knowledge and also the benefit to have extra money to do whatever you need. Doing exercise whenever you have time; you can run a couple of miles, go to the gym, do some bicycling, play soccer, football, etc. This helps you in maintaining a great health and also not stress about school subjects or even work. The most important is trying to keep your schedule busy in that way you do not miss your old life style


I would tell myself that first off no matter what the class pay attention and do your best, because maintaining your GPA is the most important thing about high school. I would also tell myself to do everything I can to find scholarships, because you really don't know how much it cost and the expenses until you are actually there. You need to also study and take the placement test more serioulsy such as the SAT and ACT, and not wait until the last minute to take them. I just could not stress enough how important it is to study study study. Also I would tell myself to apply to colleges early as possible, and don't hold back from any that I might be interested in. The last thing I would tell myself is to get as many hrs for college done as possible while still in high school, because it is ten times harder once you are actually there. Just have fun and try your best in high school and everything will work out.


I believe that everyone wishes to go back in time to fix thing in their lives, anyone that went through High School wishes to change something wether it would be playing a different sport or being dedicated to studying or just to pass a class with an A. I on the other hand would inform myself on what was to come after High School and how to prepare for it. I wasn't too prepared for the college life just because i wasn't taught or educated on saving money or looking for college grands and scholarships. I had to find out on my own and sadly, it wasn't enough or i wouldn't be answering this question. I would confront myself and inform my other me that i had to get into gear and start studying and taking High School serious. I would also lead him on the right path to saving money and looking for thoughs jack pots of money for college. Also that i shouldn't worry about the parties that are coming up because there will be a time for that but right now he needed to concentrate and prepare for what was to come.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would advise myself to develope my study skills, apply for addmission, finacial aid, and housing as soon as possible, take all required test no matter if I don't need them, and to work hard in high school because it will greatly pay off in college. I would also advice myself to become friends with as many people associated with my community and school because when needed they will be the ones I would need to ask for letters of recomandations to help me while in college. I would also advise myself to become a memeber of various leadership organizations as well as communtiy service organizations, and positive organizations because they will also prepare you to be sucessful while in school. I would also advise myself to ask for help to pay for college and to not be ashamed for wanting to recieve a higher education to better myself. Most of all I would advise myself to do my best at all I'm apart of because college is a place to futher your education but is also a place to find yourself.


Do not procrastinate. If I could go back in time to my senior year, I would tell myself to not procrastinate when it comes to filling out college applications and writing the application essays. My younger sister is a senior in high school so I helped her with her college essays, knowing that I did not want her to fall into the same hole that I dug myself into when it came to college applications. Another thing I would tell myself is that college is not as terrifying and hard as everyone makes it out to be. If you just read the material before the professor goes over it in class, you will be fine. Also, taking notes is a sure-fire way to get an A. Another piece of advice that I would give myself (even though it may seem silly) is to sit in the front of the classroom. This will get rid of any distraction that may prevent you from reaching your potential in that class. My dad told me all these things, but unfortunately, I did not listen to him like I should have.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to take a seat, relax, and squeeze a stress ball. Although I had already gone through the stress of visiting and applying to my future college, I was up to my eyeballs with stress. Stress over becoming a freshman in college, moving away from home, becoming independent, more studying, less sleeping and oh, so much more! After adjusting to all these "stressful" situations in my book, I realized I was not as stressed out as I thought I would have been. My peers, as well as the UMD community around me helped me through everything before I had an ounce of stress in my body. Now, when finals came around, well, that's a whole other story! So, I say, for the prospective college student, relax and enjoy a stress-free senior year, while it lasts.


As a senior in high school, I was very passionate about maintaining my rank as salutatorian and excelling in sports. I am very proud of my academic standing during my senior year. I would like to congratulate and reassure myself that all of the long hours of homework were well worth it. During those hours, I developed study habits that I would carry on with me to college. I would also like to offer myself some advice relating to athletics. I was involved in basketball, volleyball, tennis, track, and cheerleading. I tore both of the ACL's during the first semester of my senior year. I was completely distraught. I would like to go back and tell myself that being forced to quit my beloved sports was not as detrimental as it may seem. From this experience, I learned how to be a patient individual, and how to be an observer. I would also like to reassure myself that college is not as intimidating as it may seem, and to enjoy the remaining days of walking throught the hallways of Big Spring High School


Okay look...I know you and the other high school seniors are going insane over focusing your attention on up-coming college priorities like the SAT's, where you're going to be studying, and what you want to major in....Well STOP! Yes, these things are important of course, but after you've figured out where and how to get there, the unexpected stuff is going to jump on you without any warning! (Plus, most people don't finally figure out what they really want to major in until a couple years into their college years..which is normal.) The more personal complications soon arise like how you will manage your spending and your time during the semester. Even family issues tend to have an impact on your studies. Examples: Homesickness or what your parents believe you're REALLY doing on Saturday night instead of studying for that test after they found out your current grades. Many grads don't realize what all comes with the exciting college life. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely amazing...just be aware of what needs to be done and how to wisely deal with certain situations.


My advice to myself as a high school senior would be to work when you can and make as much money as possible. Save your money and then make a budget for yourself so you know how much spending money you have each month. Learn how to cook! Get your parents to show you how to make basic recipes and write them down. I would not go to a college that is too far away. Even though it is easier than you think to move away from home, it is nice to know that you can go home when you want fairly easy. And my last piece of advice would be to make friends with others who will be going to the same school. It helps to have a friend go with you through the process before you get there and once you are there.


I would go back to my senior year and do the whole thing over. T hings that I took for granted would be approached totally different. My mom always says if I would do things right the first time I would not have to dig myself out of a hole. I know now she was right.


Knowing what I know now, I would have took a lot more college course in highschool. I would not have played around so much, and tried a lot harder. I would know that College is not something I should play with and I should work hard and be thankful, that I even get the oppurtunity to learn. The week days and week ends, I stayed home and layed around, when I know had something to study for, I could have took a couple hours of me doing nothing and acutually read a few chapters in a my books.


I would tell myself to not let the people around me affect my actions in and outside of school. I would tell myself that working hard at everything you do will give you the most fulfillment and happiness. I would tell myself that no matter what your peers think of you, if you know that you are doing the right thing and giving everything your best shot, then that is all this world can ask for. I would tell myself that the life we live shouldn't be judged by the expectations of the world and people around, but by ourselves and the people that we love and care about the most.


Take all the dual credit and summer college classes that you can. It will make the transition alot easier and also narrow down the remaining hours you have left to take each semester. Focus a plethora to all advice and sources that surround you, because on your own there are so many different things thrown at you and many more obstacles to face. What you have to fall back on are the people you know, what peers and advisers have tought you, and the way you were raised. So enjoy being young because every year that passes you get closer and closer to the real world of work and in turn hopefully SUCCESS!


I would have made sure and focused on my AP classes more and made sure to pass the AP exams for those classes so that i could have gained more credit from those classes and possibly been a college year ahead of where i am now.


If i could go back in time, i would have told myself to get more advice on online classes and to not take one as your first year. I would also tell myself "although i know you are going to a college town remember you are not of age and you will run into a lot of tempting situations, just say no its not worth it". I would also have to tell me self, if you can not figure out how to study, learn. Get with some friends pick up some learning techniques. Studying is something you have to know how to do to make it through college. And lastly i would tell myself "never give up, times DO get hard; and they always will. But never never give up".