Blinn College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about this school is how nice the people are. Also how close everything is as far as the classes and buildings.


Blinn College is an amazing small town college that acts as a close knitted family when teachers and students are considered. Not only is Blinn in Brenham known for its strong athletics, but its academics are award winning as well. Over 85 percent of Blinn's students graduate to transfer on to 4-year colleges like A&M, University of Texas, and many more. Whenever I mention that I am attending Blinn in Brenham, there is always someone who knows of a friend or family member that loved and enjoyed going to Blinn.


Besides the fact that the campus is small, you are in smaller classes which is advantageous.


It is very academically challenging despite it being a smaller unknown school. I have learned how to focus on my studies much better being at this school. It has also allowed me to balance school and a job at the same time.


I am attending Blinn, in Bryan Texas. For some reason ya'lls drop down didnt have it. I would have to say the best thing about blinn, is the professors. I dont know if i just lucked out my first semester but i have awesome teachers. I also hear alot of the professors are ATM professors, so i thought thar was pretty cool.