Bloomfield College Top Questions

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My school is unique because of the faculty that attends. You won't be able to find people who care and are willing to give their time and dedication as the ones who work at my school . As cliche as it may sound its the absolute truth, the amount of time they invest in their students is osmething worth remembering and that's something I will always take with me. The days I have spent with them talking,laughing, and crying they continue to support me 110% and I'm forever grateful for that.


This one has a Creative Arts and Technology department with teachers that will show you what it is like to work in the fast paced, demanding world of corporate multimedia art and the TV and movie industries.


There are many unique features that are included in Bloomfield College. One of the most prominent is the fact that there is a wide variety of cultures that reside within my school whom are all interested in accomplishing their goals. Not only do we have a diverse amount of students, but we also have a successful rate of graduates who have pursued their goals and are happy with their current careers. They have a high rate of student graduates who had been given immediate careers after graduation and top rated among Forbes Magazine. The students and faculty are welcoming.


It's a very small school and everyone knows each other. There's nothing truely unique about my school except the diversity.


What's unique about my school compared to others is that Bloomfield College is small private school and will help anyone who needs help in anything.


I planned on attending a larger university but remained here due to financial issues. I don't complain because my school is a great place to build long lasting friendships while on my journey to success. The relationships between students and professors are wonderful and somethingi will never forget, or regret.


The racial/ethnic diversity is a great factor on the campus environment. Many are able to share their different views and beliefs on various topics concerning society/life/everyday occurrences. The small classes allows the diverse students to converse freely and openly with one another concerning class topics. The professors are helpful and always make time for their students if necessary. Bloomfield College Campus is an oasis of erudite learning in an urban setting.


The campus is small.