Bloomfield College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I appreciate the brand new dorm that was built on campus but college hall has old desks in majority of the classrooms. The school is known for the nursing program and the CAT department (creative arts). The Westminster building where the CAT major department is located is falling apart and needs repair and classrooms will be moved out of that building because of the condition. The school could use a better system in getting a dorm if you are a resident for the next year. The amount of time a student must wait in line to get a dorm on campus is appalling and should be changed. Waiting in line for a room is one of the most absolutely irritating and annoying processes I have ever experienced in my life. If you have a class at the time you must wait your basically sol because the rooms are all taken up quickly. If you have a friend you can have them as a proxy to sign up for you but its an inconvenience because they wait in line for two or more hours sometimes.


That the adminisration in this school is not very caring and they only truly really want your money. Why? Because when you go to school sometimes you mess up, and the bad thing about that school is that they are not into second chances, even though the actual teachers and advisors are helpful and nice, beware of the administration.


i dont know