Bloomfield College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College isn't easy, it's not what we see on tv or how the movies make them out to be. Its life, it's what our parents have raised us for all those teachings, and lessons, encouraging you to take AP classes, and college courses while you were still in high school. It was to prepare you, some things we can't explain it and we are going to have to experience for ourselves. Take all the opportunities you can, that is going to help shape you to be all that you can be. The next four years of your life is cruicial and you have to get ready for everything that is going to get thrown your way. Its not like high school, no one is there to remind you of your assignments or take wake you up to attend class. You have to start taking responsibility because each day you endure makes you a step closer to reaching your dreams. College is the best years of your life, but it will only be as great as you allow it to be. You only have one life, but if you live it correctly once is enough.


I would tell my younger self, not to be involved in long term relationships. I would tell her to stay focused in school but it is okay to have fun. I would also say to investigate financial opportunities, internships and fellowship programs that lead to jobs. Do not rush in finding those opportunities because that is what will sustain you outside of college. Get recommendations and keep intouch with as many mentors as possible.


First off I would tell myself to manage my time wisely. Being in college you can be easily distracted so it is extremely advised that you prioritize what’s really important. Apply to colleges early and make sure you do everthing they ask for ex. personal stattements. Also many High Schools partake in the College Now program which is free and allows you to take college classes. This would be a great way to be introduced to the college life and the credits you earn can be transferable. Seek out all the opportunities given or are available to you. Also learn how to be independent since in college you wouldn’t have mom or dad to lean on or to constantly tell you what to do. Over all just make wise and responsible decisions as well as being proactive and please take the SAT’S seriously since it can be the difference between an acceptance or rejection college letter.


Not to get distracted and keep my eyes on the ultimate prize, also to remember that people come and go and that you are not going to school to please them or to help them out, you are going to school to get an education. I would tell myself that you need to miss as little classes as possible, and that even though the meal plan seems endless that it does have a definite stopping point. Lastly, I'd tell myself that it's not that important to have a boyfriend or anything like that, that school is far more important and that the right guy will come along soon enough.


If i could go back in time i would explain to myself that my girlfriend at that time would side track my collegic career. If it wasn't for her i would have graduated with at least 2 bachlor degrees and maybe a doctorate all because of "puppy love". I had the grades and the know how to succeed in all my endovers but was sidetracked and am now paying the price of a sophomoric freshman years of college.


College is the place to reinvent oneself and become the person you really want to be. I want you to choose a college wisely and not because your friends is attending the same college as you but because you feel it's the right place for you. Look for a college that is within your state and won't cost you and arm and a leg.


The past three and a half years of college have changed the course of my life forever mainly because of its ability to force me to discover what I am capable of in leadership, art, self discipline, helping others, self improvement and the realization that persistence equals inevitable achievement. It is like stepping into what real life will be due to the large amount of responsibility now placed on me. I have met really great people and now understand that no matter where I go, I always have the ability to find someone I can connect with. I never thought I would be the president of an honor society or win first place in a documentary film making competition, and no where else would these possibilities have existed for experiences in pure self awareness. Possibly the most important thing is the fact that the desire to complete college brings with it priceless challenges that would otherwise not exist in my life. Without them, I might not have had the self motivation to seek out such daunting tasks and learn the abundantly useful life lessons that come with them.


As a student, my Bloomfield College experience has been spectacular. I am among very driven and goal oriented students, as well as very educated professors and faculty members. It has been a great pleasure to be with such a diverse group of people learning from different cultures with everyone having an opend mind. As a nursing student, I will be able to accomplish of my goals in graduating and starting my career in the near future with the help of my fellow students and great professors. This institution has kept me a very good student with a 3.4 gpa. Although it is very expensive, the education itself with the good atmosphere and environment that surrounds me is worth every penny. Being in this college opens great doors for me especially in my field of study as a nursing student.


Self. Be prepared for any and everything to go right and to go wrong. Don't let the disappointments discourage you though. You're smart and everything put in front of you, you will get through, become stronger, and graduate! Love, Self


Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you don't exactly what to do right away, go speak to a counselor, advisor and/or a current student at the College. It would be helpful and it is a good way to make friends. Let yourself be heard or you'll might just go unnotice. Join clubs; be apart of your College, Their is more to than classes (I wish I learned that sooner) guaranteed, you'll enjoy college life a lot more. Mommy and Daddy aren't always there to hold your hand. It is your time to take care of yourself, be an adult and enjoy yourself at the same time. See you in three years Christina! Take responsablities and make possiblities is my advise for you.


The advice I would give to myself would be "The future is bright and is waiting for you to seize it. Always look forward, but never take what you have for granted. Never let go of that lighted fire within you because it will guide you from the darkness ahead into your dreams."


please i would tell my self to get involved in activities, and be proactive in classes like answer the teacher questions and dont be afraid to speak your mind


If I was allowed to return to the past and speak to myself as a High School Senior, the advice I would give myself would most likely be to stay on the same path. Go to Bloomfield College, do exactly what you feel is best. Stay strong with your schoolwork, try not to slack off, but also take time to relax as well so you don't get stressed out. Just be yourself, that's always been your greatest strength. Your hunger for knowledge will do the rest of the work. That's for now in High School, and for the rest of your life.


Kelly just go to school and get it over with. Do not wait! An education is extremely important. It doesn't necessarily matter what school you go to, just that you go.


Stay focus and really think about what you want to do with your life. Coming into college my major was business marketing, and i changed to psychology mid way through


i would have been a little more serious and focused about it. i would have taken my math class more seriously because i'm sturggling now with the subject in college. if i would have payed a little more attention to the class i would have been easy money now. other than that, i would avdise myself to practice time managing early, so that when i got to college it would be easier to managa studies, parties, and fun.


The college experience is not about the academics of the college or the social environment alone. Students should choose a college that will best suit their needs both academically and socially. A well-rounded college or unviversity is essential in order to help students open up their minds and expand their horizons. Making the most out of a college experience does not necessarily mean that a student should study all day nor should they party all night. Colleges and universities should provide an experience that allows students to create their own path, with the support of the school, their family and friends. Students can be taught, but learning is a choice. The college experience will make you laugh, cry, angry, and any other emotion that we face as we try to find ourselves. When students take initiative and boldy accept responsibility, the possibilities are endless.


I would tell them to make sure they go with their child to every possible open house to see how well the college would fit their child. Also to look further into each college their child chooses. College is what makes or breaks you and it will let yo know about your future and what you want to do with your life. College is not a joke, so do not take it lightly especially when some have to pay out of pocket. Thank you for this opportunity. Have a nice day.


When choosing a college the most important thing to take into consideration, is whether there is a variety of classes and degree programs offered. If you don't, you might find yourself stuck in a 4 year committment that is not beneficial. Also, make sure the campus fits your personality, as far as location, class size, extra-curricular activites and so forth. It is also important that the faculty is involved in enhancing a student's experience and not simply a paycheck.


My best advice would be to pick a school that you think fits your personality. For me a medium sized school was best because I wanted to keep the family feeling. To make the most of college get involved, there will always be a club or organization that will suit you.


The advice that I would give to parents would be to respect their childrens choices as to what kind of school that they want to attend within reason. It is important to support them in this very important step in their life. The advice I would give to students is that no matter how rough it may get stay strong and keep going because going to college and finishing is someting that you can always fall back on and will never regret. Whether you use your degree or not it is an experience of a lifetime where you will meet people from so many places and walks of life. Your experiences and interactions with these people will help to shape you in so many ways. All of these things combined will stay with you forever. Also, it is not about going to the "cool" school or what other people think. You should attend a college that you feel will suit you best and meet your personal and educational needs. Remember to always be yourself because that will help you to learn and grow as a person.


Make sure that you make time to visit the schools being considered. By doing that, you will be able to get an idea of the campus and how the students and professors interact with each other. Visiting the school will also provide an idea of how you will be able to adapt to the trasition from high school to college. This will be your new home for possibly four or more years. You want to make sure it is comfortable. I would also recommend applying to more than one school. Not only does it raise your chances of being accepted into college, it broadens your horizons. Don't limit yourself to one school because you never know what you will be missing out on from other schools.


College experiences are unique and precious to those hoping to create some for themselves. There is no one great advice to give to parents and/or students, but the one thing I would say to those seeking guidance: Make sure you know what you want. Having an inkling of where you want to be or knowing exactly what you are going to be in a certain amount of years makes a difference to the college experience. Knowing what the future could be allows the student to set goals, aim high, and follow through with them. Though trying to figure out what you want may seem like a daunting task, it does not have to be. There are many advisors and counselors on campuses that are trained and qualified to aid the student in setting their paths towards the future. Additionally, students should note that goals can change and morph into something new. Being open and ready for the future is a great characteristic to have. As long as the student makes an effort in learning what they want, for them an interesting, challenging college experience is just around the corner.


As a Student Ambassador for my school I have assisted and advised many students and parents with choosing the right school. One thing that I advised everyone when choosing a school was to visit the school. Seeing the school on a personally level is very important, because it gives the student a look at where they would be spending a majority of their time, and it will allow the parents to see the security and hazards their children would face while away at school. Secondly, it is best for the student to make a friend who is already in that school. In this way, the student will have a good resource for finding information and tool when in need of assistance. Also, when the student attends that school for themself, they will have someone to make their college experience richer and fuller. When the student gets to school they just need to try to enjoy themselves. Academically, the student wants to be on the good foot, (that is most important), but they also want to have fun and enjoy the time they have in this experience. They should use this time to learn and grow in the world around them.


I would tell parents/students to make sure to find a college that offers courses for the major they want. I would also tell them to visit the college! It is easy to fall in love with a college by reading about it, but unless you visit it, you can never truely knbow what it is like. When you visit the college you should also talk to current students about like on and around campus. This will let you kno if it is the right place for you. About making the most of the college experience, I would say to make friends and get involved on activities on campus. I am a commuter myself and I would hardly know anyone if I did not get involved with clubs and activities.