Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Here at the University of Bloomsburg, we have a wide range of career paths available for students. Some of the majors that we are known for is our Speach Pathology and Education majors. Nursing and Allied Health Sciences are well known as well. Professors make it their duty to help us get experience in the field as soon as possible and push us to be our best. Bloomsburg University is sometimes tied to the Bloomsburg Fair that is proudly the biggest fair in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. People from all around gather to celebrate that week.


Bloomsburg is best known for its nursing programs and education programs, both turning out highly qualified individuals in their field of work.


2 year community college. Transfer after 2 years.


Bloomsburg University is known for its Education program. The professors push the students towards what is best for their teaching career. The professors will help a student to suceed in their career goals and help them make new goals to shoot for. The professors in the Education program are always welcoming the students to see them during the professors office hours and that their door is always open. The classes are small enough for the professor to know your name. This allows the students to work in small groups and the professor can give each person the attention they need.


ASL program on the east coast, good pscyhology program, great nursing program, they have a block party every year, the bloomsburg fair




I believe Bloomsburg is known best for the service toward the students and even the parents. I am an Owl (Orientation Workshop Leader) and it is my job to make sure that the students, along with the parents get as much information that I can give them about Bloomsburg University.


My school is best known for its annual block party. Typically held 2-3 weeks before the end of the spring semester. Thousands of students from across the state and friends and family attend the event. Usually, there isn't much trouble caused but occassionally problems occur which cast a negative shadow on the university.


My school is known for the good education that is available here. And we also have a wonderful Biology Department.


Bloomsburg to my knowledge as a freshman, i would say would be known for the HUSKY!! :)


I attended Chester High School in Chester, Pa and our school was best known for the basketball team and its cheerleading squad. I cheered on the squad fot the last three years of high school. The basketball team won all state for the past five years and the cheerleaders was their to cheer them to victory.


Bloomsburg has a reputation of being a large party school, but as far as academics, Bloomsburg University has one of the more advanced business programs in the state of Pennsylvania.


It isn't such a good thing but Bloomsburg University is known for as a party school. Although, I'm in the pre-med program and I would like to say that it is a very good program because they help you along in geting into medical school as much as they possibly can.


Education and Nursing. Caring about the students.


My school is best known for their excellent nursing program as well as their education and buisiness programs. I am personaly involved in the nursing program and although it is a tough program it is well worth the money. There were 900 applications for the 70 spaces availible for nursing students at Bloomsburg University. We are also known for being a rather inexpensive school. We are also known to have great student lead clubs and organizations.


Specific majors such as nursing, education


Bloomsburg has a great business department and an especially good accounting department. They also have a well renowned education department.


Bloomsburg is best known for it's block party that it has every year. Thats right, my school is known for a hugh drinking party. Its something that we shouldnt be too proud of but we still are because people know us for some reason. I've been told this is because of playboy magizine having an article about it.


Our University is known for their wonderful teaching standards . There are many people who come to this University for Education.