Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


For me, I personally love Bloomsburg for its rural setting and view of rolling hills on the horizon. It was the first thing that caught my eye when I visited last year for a tour. A person who loves the city should not attend Bloomsburg however because they will not find that sort of lifestyle here. There are plenty activitives to do and many opprotunities to get involved on campus but if you don't love the environment, you will not get the most ideal experience out of it.


A city person should not attend, there are not many things to do. If you are in need of constant stimulation this may be the wrong place for you.


Bloomsburg is a great school for anyone. It is a very diverse school. Anyone who wants to receive a great education with professors that are very willing to help will love Bloomsburg. Bloomsburg is also a great school for people who want to be involved in different groups/activites while pursuing their degree. There is something for everyone and it is a great school for people who want to make life long friends.


I think people who are going to miss home a lot or are not quite really for college.


A person who is open to new ideas and ready to get a great education would be perfect for Bloomsburg. One also should be aware that winter is cold and there may be a lot of snow, so athletes come! Skiing and snowboarding are popular here! In the academics, the Chemistry program is renowned, as well as the education and psychology programs. Bloomsburg also is close to Penn State and has contracts with them for certain majors like engineering. Bloomsburg is a greata place to grow and learn about who you are and what who you want to be.


Bloomsburg University has an open door policy to diversity. For me the answer to this question is simple, every unique individual is welcome here on campus. No one person will feel left out because we have a very diverse and friendly campus community here. I think after visiting numerous schools here in Pennsylvania, that it is a great place to visit because I consider it the greatest state school here in Pennsylvania


One should not attend Bloomsburg University if they are looking for a large and diverse setting. If you are interested in sororities and fraternities as your only social network Bloomsburg would not be a good choice for you. The classes are designed so that teacher and student interaction is close and classes are made up of mostly 30 students rather than big lecture halls. The surrounding area doesn't have much to do and there is no big city near by if you are looking for the city life.


If you're not willing to put in time and effort, don't waste your time. Teachers are fair, but they will not just hand you your grade for showing up to class.


People who don't like the rain, reading textbooks, and professors with expectations should not attend Bloomsburg University.


Someone who is not open to new experiences should not attend Bloomsburg.


A person who enjoys being in the city. Bloomsburg is a small town surrounded by mostly farmland.


Anybody that is narrow-minded or unaccepting of other peoples' beliefs and ideas should not attend Bloomsburg University. Also, people who do not take their academic studies seriously and only want to go to college to party would not fit in well here. Other than that, Bloomsburg is pretty much a great school for everybody.


People who are looking for busy, bustling campus/town environment would not do well at Bloomsburg, as it is a small rural/suburban community and there is not very much to do here.


Some one who is not willing to work hard should not attend this school because it is a serious university. Also if you do not like greek life then you should not attend because a good majority of this school participates in greek life. Racests should not attend because this is a very open school with many different races and ethnicities, everyone is very accepting and the community should stay that way.


Really anyone. Someone who like to interact with peopl, but at the same time can do work on their own. Someoe looking for the not too big but not too small school.


Pretty much anyone.


someone who likes the city


A type of person who shouldn't attend this school is the same for any college. If you want to succeed in college you have to be ready. In college you're not a kid anymore. YOU have to make sure you get your work done and study hard enough. There is no one here to check up on you. If you're not seriously dedicated to furthering your own education to secure a good future for yourself, you will not succeed. The faculty wants their students to succeed, but if you're not ready, only you are to blame.


Artists, and dreamers. This school is not for us.


A person who is going to slack off and not study their notes every night is not recommended. Also, if a student is an alcoholic I don't think their grades would be too successful due to the fraternity and sorority parties that take place. A student who comes here has to commit to there work and NOT procrastinate.