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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would probably tell myself a few things about college. I would tell myself that I needed to work harder and focus more on my school work. I would also tell myself that I need to not procrastinate and that I should make a schedule of everything that I need to do and when they are all due. I would also tell myself to be more organized and to come up with a system of how to organize all of my homework. I would also tell myself that I need to have a system of how to organize all of my clothes and things in my room. I would warn myself that in college there will be peer pressure and to not give into it. I would also warn myself that the transition is hard but that I could get through it. I would tell myself to try the best I could, not procrastinate, and enjoy the college experience.


Knowing what I know now as a college freshman, I would most definietly go back and give myself advice prior to arriving here in August expecting the unknown. I would have first told myself to room with a random. I went into college planning to dorm with someone I knew from back home who struggled with the transition from home. Most of the time I would find her laying in bed watching TV instead of being open to meeting new people. I struggled with this because it was a constant negative vibe about the university that I love. Second off, I would tell myself to make flashcards right off the bat. I am a very visual learner so when tests would come along I would spend so much time making flashcards and not having a lot of time to study them. This semester I am improving this by making flash cards as soon as I recieve the notes from my professor and maybe this will help in the long run when my first test rolls along. Studying for high school tests and studying for college exams are completely different and I've learned this through experience.


Relax a little, have fun while you're in high school, don't cloud out potentially fun high school experiences with the fear of how stressful college will be. It's not that bad, it has it's moments, but you'll get through them. Continue to be involved, high school isn't over until it's over. And then it's really over. For good, so do something your last semester that you thought you'd never see yourself doing. Maintain your grades, yes, but don't forget to have fun. You won't get time back, and college will have it's time, don't waste your last year of high school worrying about it so much. You'll have the next four years for that. Last but not least, everything works out how it's supposed to. Have faith in yourself.


After finishing a semester of college as a freshman, I now know the consequences of not studying. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior I would tell him to study more. As a senior in high school, I never took the opportunity to study for an exam. If I did study it was only for the finals. How am I supposed to study for a final in a class when I chose not to learn any of the material? Instead of studying for chapter tests, I chose to cram for finals hoping that I would be able to pass the class. By cramming and not studying I never learned any of the material. I would also tell myself to have better time management. In high school time, management wasn't important to me. After school, most of my time was dedicated to playing video games. I now realize that in college in order to pass I have to make a schedule. I use a planner to keep track of different events. If I took the liberty of making a schedule I could improve my time management.


I would tell my high school self to go into college with an open mind. You will meet many different kinds of people from all different cultural backgrounds and classes. Those two things, you will find, do not define a person. You will find your true self, as is everyone else. It is a period for discovering your talents and true academic ability. You will be pushed like you have never been pushed before, however you will learn it is all worth it in the end; the sleepless nights, hours upon hours of classwork, and feeling defeated and wanting to give up, but pushing through anyway. You can become anyone you want to be going into college, and you will choose the right path. The biggest piece of advice I could give to my high school self is to trust your instincts. Do what you know is right, work hard, and the end result will be the most rewarding experience of your life.


SAVE YOUR MONEY! It seems like loans are easy and tuition is easily paid for, but that is untrue! Saving your money will help extremely in the long run.


Looking back on my highschool years I would tell myself to get involved more. I was involved in Peer Leaders and we volunteered numerous places. I would tell myself to get involved more outside of school and make more of a difference. I enjoyed my highschool experience and I wouldn't change alot.


You are going to excel at college, it is the perfect place for you to flourish. Spend as much time as you can with your friends at the outdoor programs, they will be friends you have for the rest of your life. The friends who you climb, raft, and hike with will be the friends that you need. Your time management skills are great already and will be well honed as your college career progresses. It's ok to say no sometimes. When you find yourself stretched thin and have another opportunity on the table, think about what is most important to you and see if it is something you want to do. Make sure if you say you are going to do something to make it your business to do it every time.


If I were to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to be afraid. Do not take the round about way to the degree that you want; go straight for it, do not take a detour. Although Bloomsburg University has a wonderful Education program you will not be happy and your heart will take you to Kutztown University after one semester at Bloomsburg. Your heart will pull you to the Library Science major that you fell in love with the first moment you heard the words "Library Science." It sounds fake because library and science do not usually combine. Library Science is where you will end up, if you do transfer schools. I know you want to take the round about way because it is cheaper to live at home, but your heart will be happier in the land where it belongs: among endless shelves of books in a school library.


I would tell myself that college is a great experience. I would tell myself that just because I did well in high school that did not mean that college would be just as easy for me. I would have to work harder. I would learn how to study and review for classes at least 30 min each day for each class. I would let highschool me know that college is about experimenting and having fun, but having to be responsible about it. I would tell me to be more risk taking especailly when it came down to talking to people. People will be open minded to you and accept you, for the most part it won't be like high school. There are so many other people in college that very rarely people at college will have their eyes on you judging you. Be open to college food, know your body and what you put into it. Work out, it does make you feel better. Make yourself noticed, do not wait until your junior year to realize that participating and being active is important. It will all be about networking, so start as soon as possible.


Adive I would give to my high school self is hard work pays off. I would make sure my younger self knew the importance of giving your all, so know matter you don't have any regrets and you can be proud of your accomplishments. I would also want my younger self to know that whats ment to be will happen. Even when times feel rough the puzzle pieces will eventually fall in place so you just have to keep your head held high and have faith. I would also tell myself not to stress so much over such small things because in the big picture of life those small things are nothing and it's better to enjoy life. Lastly, I would tell myself to make sure to stop and smell the roses and live life as much as you possibly can. Yes, education is very important for obvious reason, but so is living life to fullest and making your time on this earth counts. Make a different because even though you are just one person, you can be the first step to changing/fixing the world.


This is such a great question. Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to have fun but realize that just because you live so close to your friends, doesn't mean you have to ALWAYS be together. I'm health sciences and they're education or communications, unfortunately our educations require different amounts of study time and different ways to study. It's great to have fun, but it should primarily only be on weekends. If you have a test on a Monday, it's ok to sit home all weekend; don't let your friends change your mind. Go to office hours, it can be awkward at times, but it's necessary. READ THE BOOK, no mattter how many people on Ratemyprofessor say you don't need to, YOU DO. Enjoy college and find yourself, but remember that your GPA is what will get you into graduate school or help with a job. Relax and work hard, I know it sounds contradicting but it isn't, and let the ride be what it is.


What I would tell myself as a high school senior would be to enjoy high school as much as possible. College life is really hard. You need to learn to balance work, being a full-time student, and own personal life. So be as active in high school as you can. Join clubs, do after school activities, volunteer, go support your schools sports teams! Also, try not to over stress so much with all the homework and projects, because its nothing compared to what college is going to be like. Most importantly, have as much fun as you can because college will not be easy but its nothing you can't handle!


I would tell myself to focus more on school and try harder. In high school I slacked off a little bit during senior year and that definitely did not help me with the transitition to college. I would also tell myself to be more outgoing. In high school I was very quiet and reserved but once I got to college I had to be more outgoing to meet people and make new friends.


You think you are ready to experience being a college student, but you are in for a big surprise. College is going to teach you what the true meanings of being independent and responsible are. You are not going to stand up and walk over to your teacher's desk for help during class. You are going to learn to utilize the services offered to you such as your professor's office hours and tutoring, on your own time. You will dread the thought of "final's week" and "pulling all-nighters", but the feeling of success will overcome any other when you receive the grades you worked so hard for. You are going to meet new people, get involved in clubs and activities, and possibly find a boyfriend. The transition will not be as you expect, but once you grow accustomed to that new chapter, you will want it to last a lifetime. Do not be afraid to make mistakes because the lessons you will learn from them will only benefit your future and make you a stronger, level-headed person. When you get to where I am now, you will know why it is worthwhile.


Start off with an undeclared major.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I wouldtell myself to allowed my mindset to transform from high school to college. I would also tell myself that its harder on your own and to stop getting use to mom and dad waking you up everyday. I would advise myself I would be surrounded by new faces and places and at first might think I would be able to fit in. I would also advise myself to get think of some goals such as: to study and focus. And to make one of my biggest goals to graduate from college. The last thing I would tell myself is always remember that your education is very important.


You should know exactly what you want to do before entering college and be prepared for the classes. You should also look into CLEP tests because there are many classes that you can test out of and still recieve credit for. More time should be designated for homework, and study groups are extremely helpful.


I made a lot of friends that will be life-long friends. I learned a lot about myself and possible careers. I learned the value of hard work and blocking out distractions. I feel like i'm well equipped for the future and prepared for it.


Throughout my education, I have been searching for any sort of knowledge that will help me find out who I am and who I want to become. Through the first year of college, I was able to take a montage of classes to aid me in figuring out what suits me and what doesn't. I have been able to reach out to those who surround me and meet people of whom I would have never approached in my hometown. I have become quite a bit more accepting and I have come to realize that there is so much out there in the world for me. I am so excited to see what lies around the corner for me in my education and then in the 'real world.' I feel like I have begun the journey to see who I am/will become and, although this journey will not be easy, am ready to keep charging along. Although there will be many mountains to climb, I have become confident that I will succeed in my education.


I have had the privilage to learn and accept myself for who I am, which in turn has enabled me to fully succeed in my courses. I am now able to be a help to my peers and professors. I have grown to feel confident in my ability to communicate freely with my professors in regards to any conflicts that may hinder my ecational goals. When I transfer to a four year institution, I know I will be able to succeed with the skills and abilities I have acquired from the community college level. The valuable accomplishments I have achieved from learning about myself in school that I was unable to learn at home, will continue to help me in achieving my educational and personal goals that I have set for myself in my life.


Playing collegiate soccer for Bloomsburg University has been a significant experience in my life. Being honored as a 4-time All Conference player and Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Player of the Year my senior season has shown me that by working hard and striving to be the best I can be, I can accomplish anything I want to do with my life. In the past four years, I have learned so much about myself and have become a stronger person because of my experience playing a sport in college. Not only has my involvement with Bloomsburg’s soccer program brought me insurmountable value to my life, I have learned life lessons that will greatly help me in a nursing career. Playing soccer for Bloomsburg University has encouraged me to never give up. I have learned to persevere in my aspirations both on and off the field. I have learned how to be a responsible and reliable person. I have also found that time management is very important when playing a collegiate sport. Managing practices and games with classes and maintaining a high GPA has taught me how to set my priorities.


In my college experience I have gained a lot. Most obvious, I have gained knowledge. I've learned information about history, science, composition, etc. In years to come I will learn and gain the skills I will need to work in my field after I graduate. But I've also learned about life. I've gotten a small glimpse of the real world and college is starting to prepare me for the real world. Friendships are something else I have gained in my college experience. The friends I have made will never be forgotten and I will continue to build those friendships and gain more friends.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience, and I have to say Bloomsburg was the best choice for me.


Since I have got to college last fall, I feel I have grown up a lot. I had to branch out from being around my family everyday, and around the same kids from high school, to meeting all new people and making all new friends. It was hard at first, but after a while its something that just becomes second nature. I have learned a lot more interpersonal skills, maturity, and where making the right choice as oppose to the wrong choice can really have a huge effect on my life. I have also learned that getting work done and having it in on time is very important, as well as leaving enough time for studying, but being able to balance it out with time for fun and friends.


I have always been told I could never make it in college. I am driven by that to do something more with my life. My parents never went to college and I see how hard they had to work to care for me and my sister. I want to me able to have a stable life style for my family and that's what drives me to become a better person. Lone Star College- Montgomery is the first college I have gone to and it has helped me grow up and to help me in deciding what I want to do with my life. The teachers that I have had there have helped me through a lot in my life.


I have learned a lot from my college experience. I have learned what the real meaning of responsibility is. In college, there is no one to tell you what to do or remind you when things need to get done. College is the beginning to ones independent life and it is up to the person to make the right decisions. Responsibility is something that is not that had to gain, but making the right decisions on how to gain responsibility is very important. For example, going to sleep when one has early classes the next morning, or studying instead of having fun with your friends or going out. College has allowed me to grow up and make my own decisions, responsibly. Attending college is a life experience that was very important in my life and I am glad that I was able to gain this knowledge of responsibility.


In my college experience I've learned how to respect people's cultures. I have learned how to get along with other people. I have learned that sometimes being without scholarship money, college can be difficult, but also fun. In college, I have seen people drop out of college because of financial issues. Seeing these people has given me the determination to seek scholarships. Getting scholarships release my stress of money. I have always believed that money is the distraction of peoples' education. People who go to school have to work to pay off their bills. People do this for the love of school and the fun of the school. I have learned all about myself and what I will strive to do in the future


Attending college has been the best option in my life thus far. Taking a year off college has been rough. I realized that my options would be limited in life. While in college, I felt the feeling of belonging and that im doing the right thing in life. I am determined to succed and would not change what I have learned. Being in college taught me to be more open minded and not judge people easily based on physical appearence.


College is a very important part of life; it is full of experiences of all kinds. My personal experience has been to think ahead, make short and long term goals, and be prepared for what will come in the future. These all come hand in hand with college life and decision making. I have also learned that there is two different "gears" for me; procrastinating and to get things done immediately at the best of my ability. This experience will help me in the future when I plan to attend medical school. My experience at Rich Mountain Community College has given me a baseline on how to study, learn, and focus on achieving my goals.


I knew that I wanted to meet new people and make friends. I wanted to get involved in the recycling club. Being here at Bloomsburg I have been fortunate to meet amazing people, some to be some of my best friends. I have been privileged to meet professors with outstanding knowledge. I have joined the recycling club known as H.O.P.E. I have become a more independent person as well as an adult. I wanted to attend Bloomsburg because I liked the campus and people. I have bagan a new chapter in my life and have enjouyed everyday here at Bloomsburg. Attteding Bloomsburg had changed my life. I have learned a lot, met a lot of amazing people, and been able to experience events that i have never had the oppourtunity to do. My friends and professors at Bloomsburg are positive influences in my life and i am very fortunate to have met them.


What I've gotten out of my college experience is the will and determination to be the best I can be, and not to settle for anything average or anything I'm not happy with. Throughout high school and half of my college education, I had no motivation. Through my friends, family, faculty, and students I've encountered during my 5 years at Bloomsburg University, they've inspired me to accomplish as much as I can academically and physically. Also, to live life and truly experience as much as I can. To create stories I can tell later down the road. It's so importatnt to attend a college or university to better yourself. Not just obtain an education and acquire a degree, but to meet people different from yourself and learn from others. College in itself is a learning experience.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would tell myself never give up and keep pushing for what you believe in. I also would tell myself never have a fixed mindset about anything and always try no matter what. In addition I would tell myself to believe in yourself and have self confidence. I would also say that you are very intelligent and do not let anyone still your sun shine. Knowing what I know about college I would say prepare yourself for the better of the future and have proud in who you are as a student. For example, if someone is very smart do not compare yourself to them because you are just as smart as they are. Also do not be afraid to ask questions if you do not understand. In addition, knowing what I know about college, I would myself to work hard and strieve for my goals. I would also tell myself that if I want to be something in life it depends on me. Futhermore, I would tell myself to "Claim Your Education" to claim it I have to want it and work for it


I would tell myself to be more proactive and get involved. In high school I was always smart but I was lazy and didn't get involved in school activities or get the grades I could have gotten if I tried harder. There are a lot of opportunities in college and a lot of people who are trying to achieve the same goals that you are, so you can't wait because there will be somone who will get the spot or job before you. Getting involved will also help you transition more easily into college because you will meet new people. The best way to transition into a new setting is to talk to people who have already gone through the process. Basically, start with the end in mind. Think about what you want to achieve in the future and do what you can now to help you reach your goals.


The advice I would give myself would be to not stress as much about classes but be sure to put the right amount of effort forth to do well. Also, I would tell myself to make an attempt to meet more new people because it will make my college experience more enjoyable. It is very important to have the proper balance between a sufficient social life and academic performance. Without this combination the college experience would be shattered.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student, I would explain the importance of starting the financial aid search early. I would heavily emphasize the deadlines that scholarships have. Another thing I would tell my high school self is to avoid procrastination when it comes to school work. It makes things more difficult for you in college being as though you get plenty of work. Using the time I have in college wisely is very important. One last thing i would tell my high school self is to avoid negative influences. There are people in college who avoid doing the right thing. If you are not careful, you may find yourself going in the wrong direction. Remain focused and have fun when necessary.


Throuhghout my high school career I was rather quiet and not very involved with clubs. I was involved athletically with soccer and hockey. As time progressed, I was somewhat going through the motions just to get out of high school. I had friends to hang out with after school and to build relationships with, my family was very supportive, caring, and inspirational, and my grades were above average. Regardless, as the time rolled around to apply to colleges and for scholarships, I became a bit lackadaisical. I understand now the importance of that process. As I sit here and right to you about what I would say to myself as a high school senior, only one word comes to mind, change. As I strolled along through high school, I never knew the importance of getting involved with clubs to meet different people or more importantly to apply for scholarships to assist my parents financially as I pursued a college career. Now as I continue my journey to a successful life, I would like to go back and tell myself three words, "Be that change."


Wow, I would have definetly pushed myself and told myself to take my high school education seriously. I would have gotten the help needed for me to be successful in my academics, especially mathematics, and physics. When ever I needed any type of help or assistance, in understasnding the material that was presented in class, I should have made an effort, to contact my teachers and get the help until I understood the material. I should have also spent more time with my counselor, so that I could be informed of the scholarships that were available, so I wouldn't have to take out a loan during my first year in college. I would have also saved money, because college is espensive, and it can sometimes be very difficult, affording books that are needed for my courses that I need to take.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to explore many career paths. I feel that many high school students only know the typical jobs of teacher, phycologist, doctor, or vetranarian. There are so many options out there that many high school students don't know about! Most students enter college never having experienced the occupation that they are majoring in. If I could go back, I would make sure that I explored and shadowed many career options. I have changed my major so many times because I didn't know what was out there. If I explored and shadowed careers in high school, I wouldn't have had to change my mind so many times. I also wouldn't have had to transfer from one school to Bloomsburg. Based on credits, I am a senior. However, I am a sophomore in my program because I found my passion later in college! It is normal to not know what you want to do when you go to college. However, putting youself out there in high school would ease the transition and take away the stress of going to college.


There are many things I would go back in time and talk to myself about with regards to college life. First I should always remember why I am here. Focus and determination are only two of the qualities that makes you successful in college. Organization is also a key concept that is very important to learn and to have. Study skills are also critical. In order to stay in school you have to study and keep your grades up. I would tell myself to always ask for help. There is a huge support group every where you turn and students should be mindful of instructors, aides, and other students who are willing to help. To ease the cost of college I would tell myself to have a plan. Loans are convenient but can you trust that you can pay those off in a timely manner? There are many other things I would go back and tell the "High School Me," however I am still in the process of learning. I have overcome some hurdles but experience is not over yet!


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be: really think about what you enjoy doing in life. Think about going to college right after high school and not putting it off for 4 years. Don't waste your money on needless things so that you can pay for part of college and be financially stable when you graduate. Study hard and try and get the best grades you can on every test you take and every report you write. Great grades will help your future be successful instead of jumping around from job to job trying to find one that is secure. Also, when you go to college, live on campus instead of commuting from home. There is so much more to learn and enjoy while being there so take advantage of that. So much time is wasted driving back and forth from home to school to work that could be used studying or meeting new people. Enjoy college and work hard, and your life will be filled with elation.


The famous writer, Elbert Hubbard, appropriately described the college experience in one quote; ?We work to become, not to acquire.? It is a common misconception that college is where you learn how to do what you want to do. If I could tell my high school self anything about the transition, I would want to tell her that college is about becoming an adult by learning how to balance the eternal battle of work versus play. College is voluntary and expensive. No one is there to tell you to do homework, go to class, or not go out the night before. You are the only person who controls how you manage your time. You make your own decisions, right or wrong, and receive the rewards or consequences accordingly. High school is only a speed bump in what life really requires. I see college as an introductory course to the major of adulthood. My high school self most likely would have ignored the advice given. With a little bit of hope, she would have stored those words of wisdom, in anticipation to utilize them at the appropriate time, allowing her an easier transition into the more defining stage of life.


If I could go back in time and tell myself something from when I was in high school, I would tell myself to make time for studying. in high school, it's pretty easy to go into a test and not study or prepare yourself except for ten minutes in advance. Well in college, the first semester I found out pretty quickly that I need to study and prepare myself weeks before the test, an dkeep up on the schooling and notes that i've taken for different tests. So, if I could go back and tell myself something in high school, it would be to make sure i actually studied for a test, not just 10 minutes before the test starts, but a week or so before the test.


If I were to go back and give myself advice, I would keep it focused on three things. The first thing is to stay on top of work and time management. It's a much better idea to study after class for half an hour every day than to try and cram studying in the night before a test. If you set apart a specific time for studying consistently, the rest will go smoothly academically. The second thing I would let myself know is that you don't have to be involved in every single thing like you were in high school. It's important to be involved in the things you care about, but it is not okay to fill every moment of every day with an activity just because it is fun or because you liked it in high school. Stick to the things you really care about. Lastly, I would let myself know that it is important to be open to new experiences and people in college. Meeting people from different backgrounds can really broaden your view of the world and of what you can handle in a friendship.


As a high school senior, I had already taken three college courses through Bloomsburg University and had grown accustomed to the campus and the college community. However, now that I am a full time college freshman, I believe that if I could sit down and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have one major tip. The tip that I would suggest to myself as a high school senior would be that study habbits are essential to succsess and to realize that all work that you do in college has a life long effect. The study habbits taught in today's high schools differ tremendously from the habbits practiced in college. Through taking the college courses that I have, I realized that once you fall behind in your studies at college, it is much more difficult to catch up than in high school. I truly wish that I could talk to myself a little over a year ago and explaing the techniques that I now know from application in my class setting. I would hope that in talking to my high school self, my advice would not only bennefit myself but would be passed to other students.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice on the transition from high school to college, I would take the chance and really prepare myself. In high school, you've known your classmates since kindergarten or so, but in college you don't know as many people. I would tell myself to become a social butterfly and learn how to remake friends. Also, in high school, the classes you take aren't exactly hard and the teachers give a ton of extra practice which allows less studying when it comes to tests. In college, the classes you take are based on knowledge you've gained in high school, but you don't get all the extra practice needed. I would then tell myself that I need to learn how to study effectively. Also, I would tell myself to get used to living in a small space with at least one other person, because you don't get nerly as much privacy as you did at home.


The advise that I would give myself if I could go back is to enjoy the freedom you have in highschool because even though college is even more freedom you have to balance your own life and when you are going to do things. In college there is a lot more freedom but with freedom comes responsibility.


Some advice that I would give myself as a High School senior is to be more prepared and even more organized. Being enrolled in a college or university demands that you have the organizational skills to be successful. Whether it's something as small as having a day planner or as big as having hundreds of Post-Its up everywhere reminding you of events and tasks at hand its always good to have some kind of organizational skills. This goes hand in hand with being prepared for classes, clubs, events etc... Being prepared and organized has helped me become a more effective and meticulous student.


Hello senior Cornell. Its me from frehman year of college. I know are any things you re curious about and many questions you want be answered. Unfortunately I am limited to words so I'll make this brief. I don't feel that I was all the way prepared in going to college. But you have the chance to change that. You are a very talented person and very bright and its time you start givng your all. giving 80% of your potential won't cut it anymore. you have to strive harder and take classes more serious. Alsonow is the time to start managing money better, you'll need it. You'll soon realize that in the end you only have your self, so from hear on out its up to you to decide your future. College is full of many opportunities you have yto learn to be smart on all the things you want to take o. meaning make sure you stick with and manage all activities as well. my last advice to you is to be more social, networking is key in making it in life. Farewell senior, and good luck with our future. Love always Cornell.


Now that I look back on my high school career I wish that I had taken school as seriously as I do now. I unfortunatley valued football over my school work. Now I realize that there many student atheletes just like me who put the athelete before the student. A sport can never outweigh the value of an education, and although it may be too late for me, I can now help out others and especially my future children.