Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The diversity, the area surronding.


When I came to Bloomsburg University I wish I would have known about the weird weather patterns. It gets extra cold in the weather, colder than what I am used to. In addition, the spring is like the summer time and its gets very hot.


I wish, that I would have known, to actually take me high school education seriously. When I came to this university it was a huge transitional change. I had to study very hard inorder to understand the material that was presented to me. It was difficult for me to grasp even the simple concepts. And I still have that problem today, so I really wish I would have paid attention in high school.


If I had to choose one thing I knew before attending college it would be have better time managment and start to not reley on your parents and teachers to be ontop of your school work and life because in college you are all on your own with no parents or teachers that care about how or when you do work.


After attending Bloomsburg University for a semester, there is one thing in particular that I wish I would have known before enrolling into the university. I play football for Bloomsburg. I have a problem with the fact that there is no organized training or weight lifting during the football season. The players are all on there own when it comes to getting faster and stronger during the season. I wish I would have known that that was how it was going to be before I enrolled.


That i would need to study a lot more for my first semester.


I wish I would have known how much fun I was going to have to eliminate how nervous I first was.


I wish I knew that I was not going into education. The education department sucks, and I found myself switching out of it during my sophomore year. Had I known that I was going to pursue graduate studies, I would have gone to a college with a more recognizable name, and more serious students.


I wish I had known how faculty helps with job placement, because as a graduate from Bloomsburg, I'm unemployed and received no assistance from Bloomsburg. I also wish I had known a little more about the area and things to do with free time, other than attend sporting events and drinking parties. I wish I knew some faculty members fail to efficiently advise students, especially when they graduate and then a month later get a letter from school saying a class they took almost five years ago never counted, therefore that student didn't graduate, how "unfortunate".


There were not really any suprises for me at Bloomsburg. I had known from older friends that Bloomsburg was a great campus and that people enjoyed being there so there wasnt really anything I did not know.


I wish i didn;t come into college thinking it would be easy., its not its a lot of hard work


I wish i knew what i wanted to major in, instead of waiting so long to figure it out.


more about the surrounding town and lack of transportation available


I wish i would have known just how much money goes into the education. I had an idea but I would have worked harder to get more financial aid and grants because it's stressful not having any money while in school. With me being stressed about my money situation it's hard to manage my bills and school work. It's hard but thats life and I just take it as it comes.


What I wanted to goto school for....


Before coming to school I wish i had known how much aid other colleges and Universities award based on SATS and high school grades/gpa. My SATS were very good as was my high school gpa, however Bloomsburg awards nothing. I wish I had known more about what to search for when looking at tuition and aid. I could have had a lot going for me.


That there was greek life. It's the downfall of the university.


that it was a party school. kids party alot here, sometimes way too much. A little is okay but its ALOT.


I wish I would have had finals in high school to prepare for college. Also, I wish I knew how culturally diverse it was. I hit me hard because I come from a town with very little diversity, and I just would have not been so shocked.