Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The students and faculty are the friendliest and most understanding people. It makes the atmosphere a great place to be and somewhere that you WANT to spend time at.


The professors are very helpful at Bloomsburg University and are always available after hours.


athletics, great friends, good memories


The best thing that I consider in Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg University has a diverse range of programs. It has something for everyone. They have Busted" show, Living Learning Communities (LLC), Game Night different fraternities, Open Mic Night "and many more. Busted is a program where college students come together and act out a play about college life. This program helps the students express their feelings about college life. The Living Learning Community is a program where the student do community service and do activities like karaoke.


The best thing I concider about my school is we have a lot of role models. For example, if you ever have a problem with something or need help there are a lot of teachers who will take the time out of their day to assist you. In addition, what I consider the best thing about my school is it is reconmended a good school. For instance, the teachers will work with you to get the grade you want and deserve. Also we have numerous different majors to choice from and our sports team is concidered the number one division.


I consider the variety of opportunites to be the best thing about my school. I believe that it is important for everyone to have options in college because people may change their minds about what they want to do in life once they are in college. Bloomsburg offers a wide variety of majors, clubs, and sports that can satisfy the needs of students who want to try something new without having to change schools.


The best thing about my school is the staff members. The teachers challege me and help become a better individual. Other staff members are polite and help me when i'm in need.


The best thing I consider about my school is the help that students recieve from their professors. The willingness and availability of professors to help is very important. I found that at this university this is an overall strong point.


Bloomsburg has so many different activities on campus for anyone to join. They provide services and different activities like pizza night, bingo night, movie night etc. on any given day and weekends too. It's just a lo of different activities for almost anyone to join!


I think the best thing about Bloomsburg University is the small classes and close relationships with everyone. You really get to know your classmates and professors in order to get the full "college experience".


The best thing about my school is the homey, covenient campus and the faculty are always there to help with whatever you may need. My school has only about 10,000 students and so it's easier to get help when you need it and it's much more able to get individual attention from professors, even in huge lecture halls.


The best thing about Bloomsburg University is that the classes are not too big and not too small. You have a mixture of different kinds of people and the teachers are very accommodating to your needs. Although there are lecture classes with maybe 200 people, the professors still treat the class just as a normal class. If you have any questions the professors will be sure to answer them and meet with you if you need extra assistance. Bloomsburg is also not huge, it is easy to get around and the campus is beautiful.


The best thing about my school would be no matter what you need there is always a resource on campus, and someone to help you with what you need.


I really appreciated the one-on-one interactions with the professors. Also, the content of each course was interesting and kept my attention. I appreciated the variety of courses available to choose from, as well as the freedom to choose which courses I wanted to take each semester.


my major: education


Bloomsburg isn't huge, and professors are usually available. This makes it easy to get help academically, and to get to know your professors on a one-on-one basis. The philosophy department here is outstanding, well known in their feild, and closely-knit. I can also say that the history department is decent, and that the English department (barring American studies) is very knowledgable. Studying liberal arts at Bloomsburg could certainly be worse.


The best thing about my school is the campus. The dorms are all very close to the class rooms, everything is relatively close which is very convient. There is a lot of space in the dorms and the class sizes are just the right size. Although everything is close together you still get a work out because the whole campus is on hills which makes the scenery so amazing. Over all is it just a beautiful campus and very well organized.


I think Bloomsburg is just the right size. It's big enough that you can meet lots of new people and experience lots of things, but it's small enough that no student is anonymous.


It is very small, like a little community and the workload is fairly light and can be easy depending on what teachers you choose.


The best thing about Bloomsburg is the campus layout. It's very scenic and has beautiful views and so many places where you can just sit out when it's nice out and study. Plenty of space to throw the occasional frisbee or football. The campus layout has each building near one another so you are not out of breath when walking from one class to another. It's one of the best i've seen in the area.


The beauty of the campus. Its pleasant walking through the campus.


It has a good envirnoment because it's not like the city.