Blue Mountain Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell them to prepare themselves for college, even before finishing high school. If they dont know what they want to do in life, dont go into a 4-year university that is super expense. BMCC has many courses that are available to get you to the path, and career you been looking for. BMCC is a stepping stone to bigger dreams and your future career.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to be such a procrastinator when it comes to applying for scholarships. Right now I am scrambling around trying to come up with money to help pay for fall term and many future terms to come. I've been applying for jobs practically daily. Many call for interviews ,but I just don't seem to make it past that stage to employment. Early in the year I applied for Fafsa and didn't qualify for any financial aid. And now I'm applying for every scholarship I am eligible for to try and pay for my expenses this term. Basically, I would tell myself to get on it and not be such a ding dong when it comes to finding ways to pay for college.


The first thing I would tell myself is apply for as many scholarships as you can! During my senior year, like many others, I suffered from severe senioritis. I found myself not wanting to do anything related to school. This included scholarships, after all, how expensive can college actually be? Reality hit hard by the end of my senior year when I actually began considering the school I was going to attend. Out of all the schools that accepted me, I did not have even close to enough money to pay for any of them. This caused me to go to my plan B, which was attending the local community college here in town. This was not necessarily a bad thing, however I had no choice at this point. Therefore if I could tell myself as a high school senior absolutely anything, it would to be to apply for as many scholarships as possible. While you may not want to fill out all those applications, and spend the time writing the lengthy essays, it is worth it. By spending the time to do these things you will create amazing opportunities for yourself to choose from.


There's so many things I would have wished to known about college. I've actually had the chance to go back to my high school and speak to students about college. The main thing that always popped up was determination. I probably would have bluntly told myself: "Bianka, you know that college is something you've always wanted to reach to and finally you're getting close to it. It's scary but just remember that no matter what happens do your best, and really dedicate yourself to it. You don't want to end up like a lot people you know who are doing nothing with their lifes. Ask for help if you need it, and don't be afraid to look stupid if you don't understand something. And you know what?! You should save up your money... you'll need it, trust me!"


I would tell myself that it is very different from high school, because the classes are structured differently and the instructors are more lenient. In high school you feel like you are in jail, you are there because you have to be. In college, you are there because you want to be. Before I started college I was afraid to go sit in a classroom because I throught it would be like high school, but I was pleasantly surprised. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am there because I want to be there and I want to learn, not because someone is making me do it. Also in college if you have to leave for some reason, you just leave. If you are done with your work, you can go. Even if you aren't done, if the instructor is done with his/her instruction your are free to leave. I would tell myself not to be afraid or intmitated, just go for it!


Well as a senior in high school i was a really good student. Nothing has changed i was always taught if you want to play sports you have to have good grades. The first thing i would tell myself is that make sure that your going to school to get an education not there to party. School comes first no matter what. College is alot of fun but if you put your mind to it college will fly by and you will be out and working in know time. Second thing i would tell myself is that applying yourself to your school work and outside work will be better if you go to class and spend the time to learn new things cause really its your money that you will be wasting if you dont. The last thing i would tell myself is get controll of your spendings its really important not to get into debt. Millions of students are in debt and its not a good thing. Keep track of all of your spendings and your college life will be alot of fun trust me. When your in college your broke remember that. Thank You Jarrod Roberson


I would tell myself to put proirities first. Not having priorities set is a big problem because there is no direction and control of what should be done first or last. Another thing i would tell myself is do not procrastinate!! Procrastination is a VERY bad habbit and also very addictive. When you have to read or do homework just do it a soon as possible and get it out of the way. Another thing is when you have things that are not going well or as planned talk to someone about it. Parents are the first people you should keep in touch with and keep them informed of what you doing and how you doing in school. Being secretive is not the best way to go. You can even talk to friends or advisers or just anyone who u think may help you if you need help. I would also tell myself to party but not too much! Another thing is do not let yourself fall back in your classes. Once you fall back its tough to get back up. And it's also tough to juggle the current work and old work that you're still working on.


During high school, I was very quiet and non social. I played several sports but didn't socialize much outside of those sports. I was very much a home body. As I look back, I would tell my highschool senior self to get out more. Do things on your own, don't rely on mom, dad and siblings so much. Work on gaining more confidence in yourself. I am amazed now as to what I have accomplished. I have a twin sister and she tended to be the dominant sibling. I would tell my self to get out of her shadow and be yourself. Figure out what you want to be in life. Don't bow down to challenges. The transition from living at home to moving away and going to college is difficult but much easier for those with self confidence and desire. Don't just choose the easy classes., challenge yourself. I would also remind myself that you need to have fun while at college also. Go to the social activities, meet new people and become a better person because of it.