Blue Ridge Community and Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior about college life, here's what I would say: "Life at Blue Ridge CTC will be better than life at high school. No one will care where you sit at lunch. Most of the students you will meet there will generally be kind and friendlly to you. They won't judge you by your challenges or your interests. They will get along with you when you work on science labs. And speaking of science labs, you won't have to worry about your instructors going over the labs too quickly; they will go over them at an appropriate pace and you will get a lot out of them. In fact, you will get a lot out of the academic classes you take at this collge, more than you've gotten out of your classes at high school. And at this college, you can still be able to do what you did best at in high school, working hard. You'll be sure that you will earn good grades as long as you keep up with your assignments, which are appropriately challenging. Good luck!"


I wouldn't really give myself much advice except for be prepared because it is a lot different than high school. But I like college a lot better because you get away from all of those immature kids in high school. You have a more mature, fair, and flexible, free environment in college. And you also get to live on your own. It can be scary, but it's a neat experience.


If I could go back to the year 1983, which was my graduating year, I would advice myself to never give up on myself. There were times in my life that I truly wanted to give up, but I never did. I know education is the key to success and even though I went through some rough, rocky, and winding paths, I picked myself up and went back to college. I dropped out of High School and took the GED and passed. I would advice myself to graduate from High School. Even though I have been sucessful with two Community Colleges later in life, I honestly believe if I had graduated from High School, the paths I walked upon would not have been so rough, rocky or winding. I believe it would be the path that I am now on at 44 years of age and I could have accomplished 20 years ago what I am accomplishing today. Therfore, if I had gone to college directly from High School, the transistion to college would have been a lot easier than at 44 years of age.