Blue Ridge Community College-Weyers Cave Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Plan study time.


My college experience has taught me the value of hard work. I work two jobs to pay for my education and that makes my classes more important to me - I worked for them. My freshman year (09-10) I spent at Christopher Newport and hated my experience there, so I moved back home and enrolled at Blue Ridge. By being at Blue Ridge, I have made some wonderful friends that I probably wouldn't have considered getting to know in high school. My classes are fun and I enjoy being near my family again. Blue Ridge has helped me find and redefine myself both as a student and as a person.


?Hey, Rosie?, I whisper through a bookshelf to an exhausted Haitian girl sitting at a hard, wooden table in the back of a public library. She?s stuck on a complex physics problem. I walk up to the worrisome senior and ask to join her. ?Sure?, she replies still amazed and thinking she needs some psychiatric help. ?Hi Rosie?, I introduce myself trying hard not to laugh, ?I know this is a little strange, but I just want to let you know everything will turn out fine. There is no need to stress out. I know you have 12 pg papers, your senior project, college applications, and dozens of other things due soon. Keep on top of your work and do not let them pile up. Everything will turn out fine, just make sure you do your part. DO NOT procrastinate! College is not that difficult. You have less classes and more time to study. Your college instructors will help you and you will meet the most sincere friends from all over the world. The transition will be smooth; just stay positive?. Right before she could ask a thousands questions, I vanished.


I would tell myself that the one thing that no one can take your intellegences nor your education from you. The rest of the world will still be there when you finish your dreams. Don't rush into marriage or children as it demands time and your full attention. Work hard, your friend will admire you more. Don't get distracted and stay focused. You have one chance at life, to make it worth living, and being a success. Loved ones will help you thru your hardships, and smile on your achivements.


When I finished high school I was scared to death of going to college. I ahd only recently recovered from a bone marrow transplant that cured my Leukemia and I ddin't think I could handle it. However, when i began my college career a Blue Ridge I found the most wonderful place to learn. I know now that I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a school that is focused on providing an excellent college experience for students. My advice to myself would be to be brave and believ in yourself. I fought through cancer and won, and I can fight through my fear and doubts and do well and excell in college. I just need to believe in me.


Self, I know you're sitting on the fence between college and the "real world", but I really think you should choose college. I've been in your shoes, exactly where you are right now--and I made the mistake of not going when I was your age. Now I'm 44 years old and trying to juggle my college studies with my work schedule, my family, and other outside obligations. Yes, it can be done; I will succeed, but it would have been so much easier when I was fresh out of high school. Have you thought about which college you might go to? I would like to recommend that when choosing, start with a small community college. The classes are smaller than at the bigger universities, so there's more time for the professor to devote to each student. Always remember, the professors are there to help you. They aren't the scary monsters I'd believed them to be. You are an intelligent young lady. I trust that you will consider what I have come to tell you, and will make the choice that's best for you. One last thing--Have fun!


The best advice I would give myself would be, don?t delay your college education. College education is very important and it will help you to be successful in the future.


College is nothing like high school!! The professors in college do take the additional time to help you when you need it. The class sizes are going to be smaller and the workload is definitly larger, but it's not overwhelming. There are many different clubs that do great work for the school as well as the surrounding communities. College life is not "party time" as some people may think. It's your opportunity to meet new people who like the things that you like, as well as having new experiences and opening your eyes to so many new things. College also gives you the ability to network. You have the chance to meet people that can influence your career strategies as well as your personal views and habits. With clubs and organizations within the college you have the opportunity to travel (yes, field trips) to new places. Going to college can open doors for you that you would have never expected, it is truly an opportunity that will stay with you for the rest of your life.


If I were to talk to go back and talk to me as a high school senior, I would tell myself to get involved in groups and learn how to communicate better. I would tell myself to buckle down and study hard, stop being so intraverted and talk, find out how to achieve your goals and go out and get it. If I could go back I would still go out and get a job first, the main reason is that having that knowledge of the "real world" is beneficial and I believe some young adults come right out of college and life smacks them straight in the face. I would tell myself to find a job, and don't jump at the first one that comes your way, fill out as many applications as you can and choose the best one. I would also tell myself to fill out as many scholarship applications as possible because although communty colleges are less expensive than universities, they still are not cheap and if an organization is willing to help you should apply and take advantage of the great opportunities.

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