Bluefield College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Bluefield College is a small school, everyone knows each other, you know your professors, and you have everything that you need around you.


Bluefield College is a Baptist- based, Christian college and a wonderful place to Learn all you could retain about your chosen field, as well as, Meet some of the most welcoming and interesting array of people you'll ever come into contact with and, lastly, to Grow spiritually in your life.


Bluefield College is a great, small, friendly campus, that will help you achieve your goals.


A tight knit community with people who care and look out for one another.


Bluefield College is a small christian college in a small town with a small campus and very nice people where students are able to receive a quality education without being a number by attending a huge prestigious college.


Bluefield College is a learning atmosphere that is conducive to the formation of enduring friendships, personal discovery, and a development of integrity that is unmatched in any private school setting.


Bluefield College is a SMALL, but beautiful campus tucked in the mountains of Virginia.