Bluefield College Top Questions

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There were several factors that led me to choose Bluefield College. When visiting the campus it felt like home. That first time of being away from home is exciting but home sickness usually will set in. At Bluefield there was a feeling of being away from home and on my ownbut I was only 45 minutes away if I wanted to go home. The Unique thing at Bluefield is the Christian base they provide.


The school is small and is convinent for people to get around the campus and find their classes easily. Also , the professors help out the students one on one to make sure the understand the concepts being taught in school.


What makes Bluefield College unique is the fact that not only can you find an amazing education in a rural, community setting , but also an array of close friends that you'll have for the rest of your life. Take it from me! I'm a Psychology, as well as, Art major and I met my best friend there and more importantly, the love of my life!