Bluefield College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the school is the continuous rising cost of tuition; however, you will find this problem with most institutions. Bluefield College costs a little more because it is a private school. It is challenging to find financial aid to cover the rising costs. The education received from Bluefield is priceless, but as the debt from loans increases every year it is difficult to keep this fact in mind.


The worst thing about my school is the cost. While i understand it is a Private Christian College and one of the lowest Private colleges in the state it is very expensive. Being raised by a single mother with little financial help and working two jobs to provide care for me and my little brother without financial aid, grants and scholarships there would be no way I could fullfill my dream of a college degree. I am from a very small town with limited job opportunities of being able to provide for myself or my family when that time comes.


The school is in a area where you have to accept what they have. You are surround around mountains and if you are looking to be in a city area you woud have to travel to the city. They have shopping areas and stores where you can go and get the stuff you need , but it might not be in your standards. You do not have alot of opitions to pick from and that would probaly be the wrost thing about the school. It is in a very country area you must get use to.


Location. The school is seceral hours away.


The worst thing about bluefield is location. It is located towards south and they get alot of snow which affect driving condition. Their country roads are unfavorable and dangerous during ther winter season.


The worst thing about Bluefield is its size. It feels like I do not attens a real college and there is nothing to do.


the food. it needed more variety