Bluefield College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?




A type a person who should attend this college should , loveGod ,likes to have fun,but also who like small classes and the outdoors.


If you are someone who is from a small town or from a big family will love the school. It is a very small school where you will know everyone and have personal relationships with your professor.It is a big christian family atmosphere where they will take you in as their own. This is not a big party school and does not accepted that behavior. Someone who can have fun without having drinks or taking drugs this school is the best choice. The school will give you a different outlook at college where it is fun and safe.


Stereotypical Christian with straight, mostly conservative points of view. A person who is moderate or different will find a place to fit in, but may feel slightly out of place. The majority of students at this institution are similar. It is an alcohol free smoke free campus, so anyone underage who wants to drink or minds going off campus to smoke wouldn't be happy. Couples who like to spend the night together would be at a loss because men and women aren't alowed in each other's dorms after 10pm on weeknights and 1am on weekends.


A person that should attend this school should have a desire to meet spiritual friends, be friendly, and enjoy a small atmosphere.


Someone who is interested in a personable learning environment, with small class sizes.