Bluefield College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Currently I feel that the most frustrating thing about Bluefield College would be the confussion of the programs that they offer. When searching for an institution to complete my graduate degree I was completely unaware that Bluefield College offered a Master's of Arts in Education. After reviewing their website and speaking with advisors I then realzied that this would be an excellent fit for me.


While Bluefield College's campus is surrounded with beautiful scenery, one of the most frequent complaints is that there are not many activities to do off of campus. It can be frustrating, especially on the weekends, because there is not much to do. Due to this, many students will throw parties off campus for anyone to join. Personally, if you are an outdoors individual you kind find activities to enjoy such as hiking, caving, and visiting waterfalls. However, if these activities don't appeal to you there is little to do.


Dealing with the different times for classes might have to be the most frustrating thing about being at bluefield.


Currently, it's the fact that they charge $10 per copy of your transcript. I have been applying to go back to school for a second Master's. My graduate school has not charged me for any of my transcript copies, but Bluefield does per copy. It can get expensive depending on the number of schools you apply to, plus the fact that any job you apply for now requires copies of transcripts. I feel that they are my records, and I should have access for free whenever I need them. I have already paid enough to the school!


That I can't "come out of the closet" so to speak. It's a private school, so if they choose to kick out a student based on their sexual prefrence, they can't get in trouble for it with the government. Granted, I have a boyfriend, but I am bisexual, and if my choice was to be with a woman, I wouldn't want that to put me at risk for expulsion.


For me, I can't "come out" so to speak (as a bisexual) because anyone who exhibits "un-Christian" behavior is kicked out. It's private, so they are in the right to do so. It's also a little expensive, and this semester I've been hearing two different things - one says the off campus age is 22 and one says it's 21.


The fact that you don't have many places to shop.


not that many people attend