Bluefield College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I love this school. It may be a little far from home but they make you feel at home. I just wish I would have knew how expensive of a school this is. I wish I could have saved money up for it. Now because of the money issue I am not so sure how many more semesters I can be here. I hope I never have to leave though.


Since I am not currenlty enrolled and will not begin classes until the summer 15 semester, I feel like thus far I have been adequately informed as the the informaton the school offers.


I wish I would've known to research the area that Bluefield College was in and have a car. It would be nice to be able to drive around and not just be stuck in school.


Coming in to Bluefield College, I wish I had known time management. Time management is a very crucial thing to know when you get into college beecause you don't have your parents there to tell you what to do and how to do it. Also, your professors can't tell you what to do either, you are on your own. Going in to college knowing how to take of yourself and your class work would be the best way to get through college.


I wish I had know the details of the dorm rooms better. I've heard a number of stories. In the winter they say the heat that gets turned on is so overwhelming that you have to open the window in the dead of winter just to balance it. I'm not sure how true this statement is , though.


a lot of gossip; little diversity


It's a good idea to make FRIENDS first, not date. Save the dating for later. But, that's for all colleges, not just mine.