Bluegrass Community and Technical College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who knows what classes they need for their four year degree and wants to save money.


Anyone who is serious about becoming more educated. There are two major advantages. One would be that any student at BCTC has university teachers avilable to them for a lower tuition cost. The other would be that it's an option to schedule for a smaller or more intimate classroom experience for any subject.


Those who thought they could never go to college in they're life should attend this school, to enrich they're lives and feel better about themselves. Also high school graduates who might not be able to pay for an expensive college should come to get on a path to sucess.


Any person who is interested in college, but not yet ready for a bigger university is perfect for this school. Also anyone who would like to acquire their general education classes before attending a big university, BCTC is a wonderful choice for anyone. The campus is small and very easy to find your way around, and is less intimidating than a larger university campus.


People who are not very motivated to go to school, they tend to baby some people in some of the classes and get on people about not doing homework. If a person does not really want to do the work and has no modivation the teachers do try to modivate the students with one on one time.