Bluegrass Community and Technical College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


For me the most frustrating thing has been the caliber of people that comprise the student body. I've loved almost all of the faculty that I've encountered thus far, but become increasingly irritated with the high school atmosphere in almost every class here that I've taken. I'm surrounded by very early twenty-somethings (if that old) in almost every class, and often times (if not most of the time), they come to class ill-prepared and waste valuable instruction time by having the professor reiterate information he/she has already given.


The most friustrating thing about my school is the parking situation. Parking is shared with the students of the University of Kentucky. Parking passes are expensive. Metered parking is expensive. And even though there is a lot right in front of the school. Those passes are primarily for UK commuter students. A decent walk is required daily.