Bluffton University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is a nice small school where everybody knows everybody.


A hard driven yet relaxing university where professors and staff help you succeed.


Bluffton University is a school centered on building lasting friendships, a larger community outside of just your department, and giving students every opportunity to succeed in their field.


Bluffton is a small liberal arts college which strives to create a community filled with students who are eager to learn and engage the world around them.


Bluffton is a place where students and faculty respect each other and work together to make the campus an enjoyable learning environment for everyone.


My school is a very fun, safe, small, and friendly.


A great school that provides students every oportunity to succede as long as they do their part


A small school with a large and loving community. A lot of opportunities and ways to get involed. Small enough to know everyone and feel like a part of something great. Offers chapel and other religious activities as well.


Quality education affiliated with Mennonite Church USA that focuses on community, social justice, service, respect, and discovery.


My school broadened my worldview and taught me how to be a responsible voter and citizen.


A community of respect with core values.