Bluffton University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It's minnonite religion base.


It has a very unique criminal justice degree. It teaches restorative justice, which is unlike any other college in this area. It will help you get a job over people who have the plain old retributive justice take to criminal justice.


Bluffton was best known for its academics program and Mennonite atmoshere focusing on honesty and respect.


Bluffton is most known for being a Mennonite University. This contributes to a great christian education that is provided here. Each of the falculty members is aware of the importance of religion at bluffton University and they are not afraid to teach with great morals along with great reference to such things as the BIble. Even if there are students that are not religious Bluffton is great place for them too. Bluffton is accepting to all students and their views.


I think it is known for alot,,, it is known for getting students jobs at graduation. Helping with job placement. It is known for its excellent education program and excellent teachers it produces. Great Alumni support.


My school is best known for the bus crash of our baseball team. Not that it is agood thing to be known for, but it is the only way people know about our tiny university.


My school is best known for Mennonite values that are never forced on anyone- if you want to go to chapel you may, but it is not required. Unfortunately my school is also known for the tragic bus accident that happened in Atlanta in 2007.


A small Christian college