Bluffton University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students who seek a school that is more of a community of students and faculty and staff rather than just a school where students are a number. Bluffton is intent on building long-lasting connections. When you are walking around campus you often greet one another with a smile or a wave and saying "Hi, How are you?". That's how much of a community Bluffton is.


Focused on career, driven, optimistic, friendly


If you are looking for a small school where you have a chance to get to know many of the students and the professors, this is a great school for you. The school itself is small and is located in a small town but it is not a long drive to either Findlay or Lima for anything more that you could need.


I think there is not any particular type of person that should attend this school--it will benefit everyone, no matter what "type" they are. It will help them grow spiritually as well as academically. I guess, if someone wants to attend somewhere that they will get the most life changing experiences from, a small, personal college like Bluffton should be the direction they take.


Any type of person should attend this school. It's a great school and community.


Someone who is disciplined and eager to learn.

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