Bluffton University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I talk to my friends about Bluffton University I brag about the closeness of each and every student. Each student seems to know everyone we are like one big family. Everyone seems to have your back and help you through difficult times. That is the one great thing about going to a small campus.


My school is small so the professors are more involvedi n your learning. They are actually there for a student when they don't understand something that was covered in class and they are willing to work with you if your from the lower financial aid aspect of things.


The sense of community among the students and faculty and the great dietetics program here - great job placement after graduation!


When I tell my friends about the school I attend I brag about the small classes, interaction with professors, and how everyone knows everyone.


I often notice how much easier of a time I am having than some of my friends attending other schools. This may be because I have taken mostly general education classes, with the exception of a few major related classes. I also brag about my area of study. I am proud of the major I have.


The strong sense of community which is what Bluffton is all about, we take pride in the fact that everyone has to live on campus and you get to know everyone here, there are only 1000 students so you know everyone, you make friends for life.


The education department and my friends.