Bob Jones University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Biblically centered school preparing me for my future as a leading Christian.


Bob Jones University is a Christian college dedicated to giving its students a quality education while teaching them how to be more like Christ when they go out into the world.


driven to challenge its students to be better people & more Christ-like, as well as succeed in life.


Bob Jones University is a institution seeking to train students to serve Jesus Christ in whatever field they are called to.


BJU has high academic standards, moral excellence, knowledgeable and helpful faculty, dedication to classical art in music, paintings, plays, and much, much more.


It is a campus that is spiritualy focused on the Lord and is very strict to follow the Bible.


God centered, Promote Biblical Principles, a little overbearing on some of the rules, but with an overall goal of protecting the students.


Bob Jones University exists to excellently educate Christian young indivuals.


Bob Jones is a place where students can get the education they need to succeed in their future job and social life.


BJU is spiritually challenging, academically rigorous, and socially encouraging.


Solid academics with a helpful attitude from most teachers.