Bob Jones University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It is best known for being a Christian school. The focus on our relationship in Jesus Christ is a big focus and driving factor in this University. Each teacher not only teaches the material for our majors but also care about our spiritual life.


Bob Jones University is best known for preparing students to excel intellectually and vocationally and to instill in them a compelling concern for reaching the spiritually lost with the saving truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Academic success and focus. Pure excellence and integrity.


For it's rules and strict dress code. For it's conservetive and moral standards.


Strong academics in a conservative Christian environment.


My school is best known for taking a strong stand for fundumental Christianity as well as having one of the largest collenctions of sacred art in the Western Hemisphere. It is well respected because the students that come out of it are well known for thier work ethic and for their desire to excell.


It's Preforming Arts