Bob Jones University Top Questions

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Private School


BJU is a fundamental protestant liberal arts university that strives to develop the students faith and push each student to his or her highest personal potential.


I love the Biblical focus of the school and it's faculty and staff. They really care about you, not just academically, but spiritually as well.


BJU has faculty and staff that genuinly care about their students. They care about the whole person, not just the hour they see them in class.


It is accredited.


My school was unique in the way it was one of the cheaper schools that actually carried my degree. The campus here is beautiful and the people are very friendly.


Bob Jones University consists of about 4000 students, so it's small enough that the campus is like a family, yet big enough that there is a wide variety of people and plenty of students to make friends with. The level of excellence excels the other schools that I applied to--not just academic excellence, but excellence in every aspect.


When looking for a Christian education, BJU is the only college that provides you with a liberal arts education from a Christian perspective. They are preparing Christians for jobs in the secular world. BJU provides the well-rounded foundation you need for a good education that will help you be most successful on the job.


Bob Jones has a strong Christian basis and is committed to holding firm to their Biblical standards. It also has high standards academically. It is difficult to "goof off" and still be successful. The administration and teachers expect much, but also give much support and high standards in return. Students, faculty, etc. get along very well, and there is a great deal of accountability among everyone on campus. This makes it all the easier to do the right thing and grow as a person and as a Christian.


Bob Jones emphasizes Christ-likeness. Also, the faculty, staff, and other students on campus are really helpful when times get tough. Many of the people here on campus, will pray for you when times get tough. The professors on campus want you to remember what you have learned and they go to great lengths to make sure that you have learned the material.


The focus on conservative Christian values makes the campus a fantastic place to study and learn. Distractions such as drugs and alcohol are completely eliminated, so it is not at all a "party school" like many state universities, but there is lots of good fun to be had.


Unashamedly Bible-believing and God-focused.