Bob Jones University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The teachers and their care for their students!


I brag about my society at BJU. I love the girls I get to be with and become close to. I love my job working with the kids at the elementary school. I love the sports program I am involved in and I love the teachers and peers in my major. Each major is like a family. You don't always agree with each other or like each other, but you're stuck. And you make it fun.


Typically, I brag about the amount of focused, driven work it takes to succeed in the classes at this school and the willingness of my professors to help me succeed. It's how I know I am getting a quality education.


We don't have as many rules. The teachers here are great and you can get to know them without feeling like a teachers pet. The teachers here really care about how well you do in their class as well as in life. The food here is not all that bad either.


When I tell my friends about Bob Jones University I emphasize the fact that I am not just a number but I am deeply cared for, my professors and supervisors at work, as well as the students, all make an effort to know me by name, to help me whenever I need help, with love and compassion to correct me and invest in me as a person.


Amazing teachers : great people, scholarly. Spirit among competing students. Safety Guest speakers/artists, events Great group of students


I Brag about the great friends that i make there. They provide the push that i need for school as well as for my spiritual life.


the quality of the culinary school


There are many major options for the young person who wants to learn in a Christian environment. The fine arts department is truly amazing., whether you are interested in visual arts or music. The campus is attractive and very safe., and they are constantly improving the facilities. The gym/field house is really nice. The intramural sports program is very well developed. The rules and schedule structure provide a safe environment for studying in a disciplined and orderly way. The faculty are the best part of the school, though: they truly care about the students and they promote high standards.


that there is an amazing christian atmosphere and that the professors care about your soul more than your grades


I brag about the godly atmosphere and how amazing it is to see God working in people's lives.