Bob Jones University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is probably the facial hair policy, because I believe as adults we should have a right to determine the length of our facial hair, because having no facial hair is unacceptable.


I don't think the school is very accepting of people who are different than the Bob Jones Standard. I wish there was more acceptance.


It is sometimes too conservative which drives people away.


The rules. There are too many.


Being a Christian at a Christian University, I may become a temptation to put yourself in a Christian "bubble" and not reach out to others in the community.


There isn't much to do on campus and it can be hard to get off campus with friends sometimes because of certain rules, but it's getting better. There are a variety of sports, but it's not always competative because it's all intramural.


There's nothing really awful about BJU. There's nothing worth bringing up when asked that question. The hardest thing is when students come who don't truly stand for the same things the university stands for.


The worst thing about my school is the level of intensity that the teacher's require for each of their classes. I'm am grateful for this, though, because they are training us for the workplace and all these deadlines and requirements are going to be out there for us to follow anyway, anywhere we go.


The rules. The rules at this school are very strict, and you must be prepared to handle them before you arrive on campus. Demerits are given strictly by the leaders at the school. Often there is no tolerance for breaking rules in the handbook. Dress code, music standards, bed time, dating are all strictly inforced catagories of rules.


Dining common food.


There are a lot of rules and some of them are stupid.




There are a large number of rules. Also, some of the campus policies seem to cater more to dorm students than town students.