Bob Jones University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Any type of person who does not believe in Christ, or has no tolerance for strict rules.


A person who isn't willing to learn about God.


Anyone who can't handle many rules and resitrictions


People who have no interest in living their lives for Christ should not attend Bob Jones University, since the school's primary focus is to prepare its students to serve Him in their future careers.


A person who has a rebellious attitude and can't obey rules should not go to BJU. Anyone who doesn't want to be restricted with rules should not go there.


People who complain about or simply hate abiding by rules, even though they signed a contract to abide by those rules, should not attend BJU. Those students make all the other people around them miserable.


no one


Someone who is not a Christian and/or has a poor work ethic.


Someone who is lazy, or lacks focus should not attend this University. Also a person who does not have respect for their authorities, their fellow man or themselves, a person who lacks good character and direction in their life should not attend this University.


Complainers, non-focused people, egos, hotshots.


Someone who is not serious about working hard and excelling and that has no desire for finding God's Will for their life.


Someone who is greatly bothered by or cannot abide by the rules should not come here.


A very devoted, God loving person that has a goal to reach. That want to learn more about Christ while achieving their carreer.


A person who isn't interested in growing in their Christian walk, and becoming a better servant of Jesus Christ.


People who are undisciplined, don't like to follow the rules, and who don't show respect to others should not attend this school.


A liberal, alcohlic Mormon - or Catholic. People that like to drink, smoke, or have sex out of marriage should not go here. The rules are strict and if you can not follow them, dont go here.


A liberal individual would find it hard to agree with many of the principles and philosophies that Bob Jones University teaches. Although people of different color, race, and some conservative religions are welcome and will find many friends, those whose belief systems are contrary to what the school stands for should consider a different university. Those who are unwilling to work for their grades and who expect to receive good grades without any work will either have to change their expectations or consider a different school.


People who aren't willing to pay attention to their school work, who want to go out drinking and partying, and don't like a conservative college should not attend Bob Jones. The school looks to educate the head and the heart, if students aren't willing for that to happen they should look somewhere else.


Well, that's not for me to decide!